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I just bought a number of acrylic/polyester shawls on clearance and would like to embellish them for Christmas gifts. I need ideas!

Asked by janedelila (3904points) July 10th, 2012

They are black, lined in charcoal. I am an artist, but just a beginner when it comes to embroidery. I would love some ideas on what to put on the back of them to make them something unique and special. They are for three daughters in their late 20’s, who attend music festivals and prefer the darker side of things. Also for my mother, 70 years old and looooovvvvveeesss Elvis. Seriously. Can anybody help?

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I love shimy things, so I would appreciate added sequins or rhinestones.

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A monogram would be nice, but maybe not what you’re looking for. How about adding fringe or beading to the edges?

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@augustlan Oh yeah! I forgot to mention there is black fringe….it doesn’t seem sturdy enough to hold any decor however. But adding to it in between, maybe.

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When you say they like ‘the darker side of things’ do you mean gothic type things?

You could look for some iconic shapes and do some beading for the younger women. I would keep it fairly low key though. Not too blingy. I found this image using Google images. Or a rose perhaps in black beading.

For your mum, I don’t know. Embroidering a guitar or something connected to Elvis might end up looking a bit tacky. I think I would probably just embroider her favourite flower on it or something like that.

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If your mom likes Elvis, how about putting roses on the shawl?

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Or maybe you could embroider “Graceland” (the word, not the actual house) in a fancy script on your grandmother’s gift.

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@Bellatrix I love that google image and seed beads in glass would be gorgeous!

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@Bellatrix: Yes, kind of Celtic-ish.

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