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What's a funny haircut for a maltipoo dog?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) July 10th, 2012

So, we are watching our friends dogs. One of them is a maltipoo who hasn’t had a haircut in long time. We think it would be funny if we went and got him a funny hairdo. Any ideas on what we can do?

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I have no suggestions for a haircut. Be careful. Some people think of their pets as their “children.” If you were baby sitting their kids, do you think your friends would think it was funny if you cut off the girl’s pigtails and shaved the boy’s head?

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I always like mohawks on little dogs, shave off the ears, just leave a little donut type mustache and the mohawk. The rest of the body should be moderately short but not naked, hate skinned dogs! Some people liked to get the mohawk dyed, that sets it off even more! This sort of look but with the actual mohawk trimmed neatly and waxed to stand up!

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I’m with @Sunny2 on this one. Even if the dogs do need clipping, your friends may not appreciate your sense of humour. If you really want to do this, check with them first.

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Yeah… I think you should skip the surprise haircut, unless these are friends you would like to dump.

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Wow, has everyone lost their sense of humor??? It is only hair, it grows out again! I wouldn’t do it to a show dog and a maltipoo doesn’t qualify for that.

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Yeah, not so sure you friends will find it amusing. They probably would never ask you to dog sit again. If that is what you were going for than by all means.
I know I would be pissed if someone did that to my dog. I sometimes let his hair get long right before I send him to the groomers so that they can cut his hair evenly around. It could be that is what they are doing and your plans may mean that they will have to cut it all down close to the body and wait months for it to regrow again so they can attempt to get it cut to the real length and style they wanted.
So they probably won’t be all ha, ha about it. You could surprise them with bathing the dog and combing him out and trimming his pads only.

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When my Jack Russell , Bella went to stay with my best friend whilst I was on holiday one year I knew I’d come back to something like this (my best friend is a hair dresser and kept saying how she wanted to make my tri-coloured dog more interesting!!!). When I went to pick Bella up her tail had been dyed green (dog friendly dye I should add!) which took ages to fade! I saw the funny side (I was also grateful as, knowing Vikki, it could have been a lot worse).

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@rooeytoo it sounded like they want to spring this on their friends… if someone was taking care of my dog and did that, I would be angry. If the friends know and are ok with it, that’s a different matter.

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@ccrow – I know people get a little nuts about their dog and haircuts, I have been grooming a long long time! But these are friends so I assume they would have a handle on how it would be accepted. As long as it isn’t a show dog, I still think it would be funny!

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@rooeytoo Well, none of my dogs are really haircut types, although I do clip the big hairy ones so they’ll be more comfy in the heat. And I will confess I toyed with the thought of doing a lion cut with my big male, but only because he had a huge hot spot on his tail, so it already looked like a lion tail, courtesy of the vet.:-)

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