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Shrubs with some color for a Mid-Atlantic home?

Asked by metadog (377points) July 11th, 2012

Hi! I live in Maryland and have had this house for 10 years. All of the plants and shrubs in the front of the house were installed by the contractor and are pretty bad. We have these thorny shrubs that we have kept because they add some color to a gray stone house. I would like to get rid of them and am looking for some suggestions on som bushes or shrubs that will add some color, but won’t leave scars when I try to trim them. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Dwarf Japanese Red Maple
I have one of these in my garden and it is beautiful. They are very slow growing and I just cut it back in the fall.

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I recently added a Purple leaf Sandcherry to my yard.

Burning bushes are very trimmable bushes and awesome in the fall.

Hydrangeas are nice bushes with awesome flowers in the early summer.

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I live in Maryland, too! We have some really beautiful, colorful shrubs- one type is bright yellow-green and another is a deep red. I don’t know the names, but I could find out if you’re interested in that color palette.

This site find plants with certain qualifications. I already put in the zones (6 and 7) and plant type (shrub) for you. If you like particular colors, you can narrow it down by that, too, in addition to other characteristics like season and height.

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Burning Bush, Euonymus, is a shrub that turns bright red in the fall.

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Azaleas, forsythia, rhododendrons. All flowering in spring and late spring. For just foliage but colorful and with berries there is nandina.

If you want something taller crepe myrtles, which are multi-trunked trees and bloom in summer.

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