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As an employer, what would you do to find trustworthy employees?

Asked by chelle21689 (6866points) July 11th, 2012

My parents have owned this Asian grocery for 30 years. A big majority of people that have worked here are my uncles, aunts, sisters, and close family friends. I asked my dad why he only hired people that were like family. He said because sometimes people he hire that aren’t family end up stealing merchandise and he can’t trust them. My parents have grown to not trust people.

I was just thinking, if I were to own the store one day…I can’t always depend on family to work for me (especially since they’re getting old). Is it really that hard to find DEPENDABLE and TRUSTWORTHY workers? Maybe my parents just suck at hiring because I sort of notice sometimes they give people they know work because they NEED a job.

One other question. My parents are at the store every day and it is open every day. If I am the owner one day, is it possible to have 2 days off a week if I have enough help or is that unprofessional to you?

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