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What’s your default term when you can’t remember what something is really called?

Asked by picante (11492points) July 11th, 2012

You know . . . that thingamajig, thingy-do, thingamabob. That’s the shizzle I’m talking about.

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Thingamajig or the whatchamacallit.

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I just use a word similar to the one I can’t memory.

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Thingymajig, wotsit.

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I call it a “whatever it’s called”.

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pisspotical effigy.

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Thank you all for your—er—your hoochie-poos ;-)

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Mine is thingy-dingy, my husband’s is deal.

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I always call it a thingee, but a friend of mine has a much better word doomafletchey.

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what @zenvelo said. But this made me remember a funny incident from my first fashion industry job. The patternmaker was Chinese and our designer kept referring to the fake handkerchief in the fake pocket as a “doodad”. So when he labeled the pattern piece he wrote doodad on it. I laughed so hard! He was like, “what? that’s not what you call it?”. I should have said no, it’s really called a whatchamaycallit, lol.

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Do hicky

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Dave. For example ” I can’t remember what it’s called….let’s call it Dave ” Dave is the capital of Australia ”

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@Judi that sounds funny in your head as you read it..say it out load, well it sounds like..arhh “you know”...

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Maybe it’s spelt dew hicky :-)

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Thingy or the ickyschnarlywotsit (my dad’s favourite!)

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A “Whatzit”

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