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How do I dye my hair?

Asked by Marila95 (5points) July 11th, 2012

My hair is naturally medium brown, and has been dyed a few shades lighter twice, and I then added warm dark blonde highlights. I REALLY want to dye my hair purple black with blonde dip dye. How do I achieve this in the cheapest way (at home because it’s so much cheaper)?

Hahaha I’m not going to the salon, people don’t realise how poor some people are when they have to go to a greedy boarding school :S well anyways it’s either home dye or not at all.

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With this hairstyle your better to go to the salon, anything you want to have more than one color in your hair I wouldn’t trust the box stuff since. Look to see if there are any specials at any hair salons, you can also go to a hairdresser school to have it done, they usually do things alot cheaper than a salon since the students are practicing on you with the instructor there.

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It’s only cheaper if you don’t royally screw it up and have to re-do it a handful of times before ultimately going to a pro to fix your mistakes. I’ve been coloring and cutting my own hair for almost 18 years, everything from lime green mohawks to long layers with blonde highlights… and I don’t even know that I would want to risk a complicated color like this, let alone if I didn’t have experience coloring my own hair at home.
Otherwise, you can try doing an all over color with the purple/black (assuming it is dark enough to cover what you already have, and leave it however many inches that you’re hoping to make blonde from your ends. Trying to lift color is difficult, especially a dark color. You’ll almost certainly need a friend to help you with this.
Then go back and try bleaching the ends. I would definitely suggest using a brush and bowl method, but work quickly so you don’t have bleach sitting on your ends forever. After a while it is no longer lightening, just destroying. You may have to bleach more than once to achieve the blonde that you want, but don’t do it all in one day, or you are likely to fry your hair and end up with a broken mess. You probably want to buy a toner to go over it, just bleaching darker hair tends to leave it a sort of orangey-yellow mess. At home blonde can be really challenging.

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Get all your hair dye at Sally Beauty, not out of a box. Sally Beauty sells the same stuff they do in salons.

For the purple, you need Manic Panic. But it’s a pain to use; it’s gonna be totally washed out in a week.

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@Aethelflaed I thought the OP meant black with purple undertones… Manic Panic probably wouldn’t even show if she dyes it black, first. @Marila95 do you want purple and black, or black with a purplish hue?

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Don’t know how to edit my question – the things gone… @Aethelflaed: there’s no Sally Beauty near me, but I know where to find a purple so that’s fine. @DigitalBlue black with purplish hue.

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@Marila95 then you want a single process black with purple undertones, rather than putting on black and purple. If you buy purple dye and put it on over black, most likely it will not show up, and as @Aethelflaed said… those dyes tend to wash out really quickly.

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@DigitalBlue thank you but that only answers half of my question (can’t type that any less curtly).

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@Marila95 what half didn’t I answer?

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@DigitalBlue how do get the blonde bits?

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…. I answered that in the previous, much larger response. Look up a few posts.

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@DigitalBlue oh yeah I looked at that and gave you a star and forgot. Silly me.

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Has the correct answer.

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If you really want to take the chance on doing it yourself, try going to a beauty supply place and talking to someone there. Drag along a friend – the extra pair of hands may be helpful when you are dying your hair. If the person you picked at the store doesn’t seem all that knowledgeable try someone else. Don’t just go for someone close to your age – the supply store near me is owned by a retired beautician who is a wonderful resource. The supplies will be cheaper, too. Face facts though, if you screw it up you may need to get a very short haircut.

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I am telling you its worth giving your local beauty school a call to see how much a color would cost through them. They aren’t that expensive and the teacher I am sure would look at this as a good learning experience for their students and probably would be really close by.

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Agreed with @creative1. I personally do not trust the store bought box stuff particularly with unnatural colors because the first time I dyed my hair was with store bought blueish black and first shower since the job it was already coming out(the water turned dark blue when I rinsed). I have never tried a store bought natural color but I still would not trust it.

So as far as I am concerned salon is the only way to go. It’s probably easiest as well to let a pro do it when getting more than one color.

I consider you lucky btw to be a natural medium brown, light/medium brown is what I love and have been dying mine for 4 years(at a salon) from dirty blonde.

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haha I find medium brown a boring colour :3

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I sugest you wait until you can afford a good quality stylist. Cheap hair color looks well cheap. Purple can be a very tricky hair color to get right at home. Not only do you need a stylist whos good at hair color, but a stylist who is good at such unusual colors.

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