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If climate change is real is it better to be in the city or in the countryside?

Asked by flutherother (26916points) July 11th, 2012

Heatwaves, floods, blizzards, tornadoes coming your way. Could you deal with these extreme events better in the city or in the countryside?

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Probably where I live, in the mountains away from the coast line. I don’t get tornadoes, hurricanes and floods where I live. I do have to deal with heatwaves, which probably aren’t as bad as they are in the more populous areas or southern states. I have to deal with snowstorms, but the winters have been getting wimpier around here lately as well.

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If you are not prepared for these events you are screwed whether you are in the city or the country. I myself would choose the country to ride out an extreme event.

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I assume you’re better off the more north you are.

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There are studies that show the total energy consumption of the United States will go up as the temperature increases. However, the north east will be one of the few places that will have reduced energy consumption as the temp rises. You want to live in place that is at least a couple of hundred feet above sea level.
Come on Global warming!

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I think the country. I’m growing some of my own food for the summer. I could go for a while in the country on my own if I had to.

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You are going to want high ground, and that usually is country.

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