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Is there a reason my stomach could still be hurting after throwing up yesterday?

Asked by Carly (4555points) July 11th, 2012

I’ve thrown up before and had my stomach hurt for a few hours afterwards, but this time it’s been over 36 hours. I’m not exactly sure if I had food poisoning this time, or if I just had really bad indigestion, but for some reason my stomach keeps lurching every hour or so.

Is this somewhat normal for someone recovering from what happened, or do you think my body is reacting to something still inside me?

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Yes, it is normal, from all the gut wrenching activity. By tomorrow you won’t feel it.

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You used all these muscles you that you don’t regularly use and so your sore from your muscles aching.

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Try alternating cool packs and hot on your stomach. It will increase the blood flow in the muscle and relax them. Yes it is normal.

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Yes, it could be upset for a few days after throwing up and being sick.

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You could have pulled a muscle.

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You could have stressed the muscles. Watch your stools for a few days. If you see dark or tarry watch out. Sorry to get gross.

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See, it doesnt feel like my muscles hurt. It feels more like there’s something gross still in my stomach. Could it be that I didn’t puke out enough of what was making me sick?

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For a few days, you are going to feel like you’re not particularly hungry and you’ll be a bit queasy.

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@Carly Hit the Dr’s office first thing tommorrow. That sounds off. Do not fuck with it.

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Yes. Your stomach is a muscle. You worked it out by puking. It happens. But you could have also worked it a bit too hard and pulled it. I’d get it checked out if it continues to hurt.

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You may have contracted some sort of food poisoning or infection that’s still in there creating havoc. If it doesn’t resolve, see a doctor. I saw a disturbing piece this evening about infections becoming antibiotic resistant thanks to the factory farms feeding livestock antibiotics from cradle to slaughter in order to speed growth. Not something to be trifled with.

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@ETpro this is why I have taken to buying local farm meats and milk where no hormones and antibiotics are fed to the animals.

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@creative1 A very wise move, even if it does cost a bit more. If enough factory farms start losing business for selling frankenmeat, they will change their ways.

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