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Have you ever been completely shocked and/or horrified by something that a child said?

Asked by Fly (8726points) July 11th, 2012

Pardon the long story, but I promise that it’s worth reading.

The other day, I was watching the six-year-old son of a very religious and conservative family. Completely out of the blue, he asked me if I liked President Obama. This alone surprised me, because I wouldn’t think a child that young would really know much about politics; the only thing I knew about politics at that age was that I didn’t want Al Gore to win the election because his last name sounded “gory.” (Ironic, considering how liberal I turned out to be.) Anyway, knowing what I do about his parents, I carefully responded that “Many people like him, and many people don’t. It’s a matter of opinion. My opinion happens to be that he is a good president, but everybody has their own opinion.” Before I could even finish, he said to me, “I’ll kill you because Obama hates babies and wants to kill them.”

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted. He found that statement to be hilarious and I know he really didn’t understand what any of it meant, so I just responded that he does not hate babies because he has children of his own, and that I didn’t believe that Obama wants to kill babes, but that it was something that his parents would have to talk to him about (though they obviously already had). It was surprising to me that he knew about abortion at all, but that part that disturbed me the most was that his parents had told him that Obama hates babies. Though I don’t personally agree with it, I can understand being conservative and teaching your children that abortion is wrong. But for a parent to tell a very impressionable young child such a blatant and awful lie as the leader of our country hating children is just terrible. To be clear, this ultimately has nothing to do with my political opinion. For example, I certainly wouldn’t want a liberal person to tell their children that Mitt Romney hates poor people and wants to let them all die, either. I just couldn’t believe that something so disturbing came out of that six-year-old’s mouth.

Have you ever heard something from a child that just completely shocked or horrified you?

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That is so scary. Why would anyone teach a child that kind of hate talk. Different beliefs are fine, but teaching killing is an appropriate response is so wrong.

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Ever heard any of the Westboro Baptist kids?

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Not in the context you present, no. However…my daughter when she was about 6 told the dentist her dad hit her in the mouth and that is how she lost one of her front baby teeth.0-o
Uh…the tooth was loose and her dad accidentally bumped her with his elbow at the table. I was mortified to say the least! haha

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“I don’t like santa, because he comes in to your room and jumps up and down on your belly and pees on you” – Little Girl aged approx 4–6.

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Well, I was going to say that when he was four my son responded to a taunt from the kid in line with him. The kid said that Niko was a poopy head, and Niko told him that his mother was a whore.
I like to have died when the day care people told me about it. I know the first instinct is to blame the parents but I swear he never heard me say that word or phrase. It isn’t a word that I’m in the habit of using and I certainly never put it together with mother. A little investigation proved his fourteen year old sister and her friends to be the inspiration, though I didn’t bother to enlighten the day care.
Nothing like this freaky stuff, though it certainly sounds parroted. I’ve actually heard the Westboro kids being interviewed. Appalling.

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Not everything a child says necessarily comes from their parents, I know my brother had said heck once and now my 4yr old daughter says it. I explained we don’t use that word and prefer she not use it but she does still say it here and there. Where its not necessarily a bad word it is something I don’t use when talking and I don’t think it sounds polite. She also tells me stories that I can’t figure out where she heard it, I find I am always asking her where she heard that.

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I’ll throw a little lightness in here. When my niece was three we were in line at the grocery store. An older woman walked up behind us. My niece started growling at her, really loud. I burst out laughing. The woman glared at me. I laughed harder and tried to apologize, but I was laughing too.

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Not in person, but I found this disgusting.

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My ex-wife is very conservative, I am pretty liberal on things.

My children asked about the Iraq war, and I tried to be delicate, and told them that the president at the time thought there were really scary weapons in that country. So we went to war, but we didn’t find any. The war took a long time but is over now.

My ex called me super pissed because I the kids “George Bush was a big fat idiot!”

So don’t assume the parents are saying that to the kids.

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Yes, I’ve heard horrifying things like that from children. They tend to parrot their parents, other adults, or what they hear on TV. Note: I am not saying it’s always the parent’s fault. Seriously.

My oldest, when she was very little, said “Goddammit” all the time because she heard my father-in-law say it. I had it out with him, and broke her of the habit. She once said it in front of my disgustingly Southern Baptist right-wing freaky uncle, and I was mortified! I swore up and down she didn’t get it from me, LOL!

I once asked a lady why she was growing a beard, and I think my mother wanted to melt into the floor. Kids say the damnedest things.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought and @creative1 Of course, I don’t mean to imply that it always comes from the parents. I would not normally immediately jump to that conclusion except that I know the parents quite well, and I know that even if it didn’t come out of their mouths, they certainly an willingly exposed their kids to an environment where people say that kind of thing. I get what you are saying, but concluding that Bush is stupid because he thought there were weapons In Iraq that weren’t is, while a bit of a jump, a fairy logical conclusion in the mind of a child. A kid that young (who is not allowed to watch TV, I might add) could not possibly have a general knowledge of abortion and connect it in such a horrible way to Obama by themselves. He would have had to pick it up either from his parents (the rest of hi family does not share these views), another kid (which I find unlikely) or his parents. I should add that his sister agreed with him and made similar comments, which especially makes me think that it came directly from the parents.

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By the way, sorry for any typos, I’m on an iPhone.

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Jesus Camp.

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My nephew at 4 had just learned about penises and vaginas and mortified my sister-in-law in the bank one day by loudly pointing out to every person he saw He has a PENIS” ” SHE has a VAGINA” lololol

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@Fly Considering the things I was taught as a child and the way I see things now, I’d say it’s preetty safe to say that kids begin questioning and coming to their own conclusions at some point in their lives.

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Six is pretty early for that kind of thought to come from within a kid.

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The six year old twins who lived across the street from us told my four year old son that Santa Claus doesn’t come to their house because they are black.

The real reason was because their parents were 7th Day Adventist and didn’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays.

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@YARNLADY I’m so sorry for all you guys. That’s bad.

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This isn’t nearly as bad as you experienced, but it was shocking when the words came out.

A group of us went to a basketball game. One person brought his young daughter along. In the middle of the game, she turned to her father and asked, “Dad, what is foreplay?” We later found out that her older siblings had been watching The Cutting Edge and giggling about the conversation in the movie about foreplay.

This is a very religious family (Morman). I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he explained it to his daughter.

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You have some scary friends, @Fly.

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One of my daughters, then in middle school, watched a George Carlin comedy and wrote her own list of words and phrases she was not supposed to say but does anyway. Her school Principle found the dropped list and called me, he was a personal friend. My wife thought it was funny, I was embarrassed, and my daughter was indignant because she thought her privacy was violated. It was a big mess. My daughter is now almost 40 and still thinks she’s right and my wife still thinks it’s funny.

I give up!

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He couldn’t have learnt that from his loving conservative Christian family now, could he have? Actually, nothing shocks me anymore. Kids will whip you the finger where I live, cuss you, and even try to pick fights with you. Damn, when I was a little kid (and even a teen) we respected and feared adults enough to not engage in that type of behavior. Obviously it’s not that way anymore.

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What about something horrifying I said as a child that I can’t explain?

Mom only recently told me this. Once when she was changing my diaper I guess I said, “Mommy, don’t cut my giney with scissors.” She was obviously horrified and quizzed me on where that idea came from, but I either didn’t know or wouldn’t say. I have no recollection of anything that would have spurred that.

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@syz Those kids are like possessed Chucky dolls!

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Sometimes kids interpret what their parents have said differently from their parents intentions. Did you tell the parents about the incident?
I remember how I bitched about Ronald Regan when he was president.
One day my daughter said she was ashamed to be an American. You can bet I changed the way I talked about the POTUS after that.

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@Judi I feel that it’s not my place. They’re my dad’s fiancée’s family, and she won’t even talk to her own brother about religion or politics because of his extreme conservatism. If it’s out of bounds for her, then it’s certainly out of bounds for me since they’re her family, not mine. I considered telling them about the “I’ll kill you” part, but this occurred on a family vacation with my dad’s fiancée’s whole (and very large family) and I didn’t want to cause trouble.

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I get it. I Probably wouldn’t have said anything either. I was appalled at how my political zealousness had effected my daughter, and I stopped making my frustration so personal. It still took her living in Vietnam for almost a year to realize that, as messed up as it is, we still live in a pretty amazing place, where at least we won’t go to jail for bitching about our leadership.

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Maybe his parents were listening to rush limbaugh or glen beck while the kid was in the car, it’s unlikely that he heard it from his parents and even more unlikely that he actually knows what an abortion is.

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From a 6 year old girl at a birthday party while I was taking a video.

“Are you filming me? Are you filming…me? Please don’t film me!”

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My Dad and my former stepmom (who was a cow in my eyes anyway, which was probably why I had reason to say it at some point), my younger brother (not the youngest but he wasn’t around at that point) and I were sat at the table in this Little Chef diner, and along comes this waitress, lovely looking young lady, blonde, slim, you know…the kind of waitress a guy doesn’t mind seeing at all…we order our food…and as the waitress turns to walk away to get the order processed, my younger brother just spouts it out “Stupid cow.”
Of course the eyes of my Father and my former stepmother immediately turned to me, ha.
I guess I shouldn’t really have called my former stepmom a stupid cow some weeks earlier :-/

As for that youtube vid posted by @syz, that’s just insanely bad. Me calling my former stepmom a stupid cow at some point has no significant level of bad in comparison to that. I feel slightly less guilty for calling her that haha.

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