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Do you ever feel totally wiped out after swimming?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23160points) July 11th, 2012

After being in the pool with the kids all afternoon, I feel like a boneless zombie.

When you’ve been swimming for a while, do you still feel normal? Energized? Or does it wipe you out?

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Swimming energizes me, but I swim in cold water usually. It’s taking care of kids that leaves me a boneless zombie.

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It can be very tiring. It is the least effecient means of travel, which is why it’s such a good workout. The resistance forces all your muscles to work to get anywhere, and if you’re not used to it, well, a little dab’ll do ya.

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@Trillian I’m used to it, as I’ve been in the pool pretty much since I was born. I was barely swimming today, mainly just sitting there relaxing, and I’m still exhausted! I wonder if it might be simply the combination of the sun and the water.

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Swimming works out more muscles.

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@WillWorkForChocolate How old are you? Just sayin’, after 30, shit just sneaks up on you and wallops you in the back of the head.

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@Trillian Well, I’m…...... ahem. Forever 29.

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@Trillian I’ll give her up for a little something. What you got?
Chocolate, you know I’m kidding.

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Don’t make me hurt you.

@Trillian Pay no attention to the wannabe in the Adirondacks.

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Swimming always wipes me out. The combination of the sun beating on me and swimming around drains me.

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@Trillian Offer rescinded on threat of pain. And yes, I just came back from 11 days in Lake Placid.

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I always feel that way, even after 15 or 20 minutes in a spa. I usually don’t go in at all.

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Guys guys! Far be it from me to start an argument here. I don’t need to know how old our little choclate kiss is. I’m just giving her a possible reason for her, ahem, palsey of frail eld that doth shake her feeble limbs!

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@Trillian Oh god I almost blew wine out my nose. I’m just relaxing and wondering the same. Why doth her palsey shake her feeble limbs?

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@Adirondackwannabe I already told y’all. It was waiting around the corner from her 30th birthday and when she was looking the other way, (probably at some chocolate) it pounced!

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@Trillian Well, old muscles don’t bounce back as well either. That could be part of it.
(I’m so digging my own grave. :))

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@Adirondackwannabe No need. I just dug your grave for you. It’s under my fig tree, so I hope you like shade.

God bless it y’all, I’m only 33, I ain’t geriatric with palsey shaking feeble limbs for cripe’s sake! :D

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I would say it is being out in the sun, @WillWorkForChocolate. I just got from doing my two hours in the pool. I’m not wiped out. But then again, I wasn’t out in the hot sun either.

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@Trillian That wasn’t palsey waiting around that corner, and you know it. The next time you jump out at me like that, I’m gonna be ready with my shovel. One lump, or two?

Of course, the way you talk about my advanced years, if you jump out at me, I’ll probably just have a heart attack.

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Hehehehe. Lump is a funny word. How did you know it was me? ;-)
You and the wannabe are my partners in laughter. Thanks. Can I come and put flowers on his grave? What’s that other hole next to it? That looks like anoth…(sound of shovel hitting head, body dropping into conveniently sized hole)

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That’s right. And the third open grave is for [REDACTED]

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No, it relaxes me. It is busting my butt at work doing very physical tasks in the extreme heat and humidity, along with sweating all damn day that wipes me out. One reason why I prefer the cooler months.

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Swimming energizes me but the sun and heat exhaust me—so if I want the invigoration from swimming, I have to swim before it gets too hot.

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Generally I feel pumped up after an easy one mile swim. But after a ½ mile swim in a triathlon 3 weeks ago I must have pushed too hard. I basically crawled out of the water. I thought to myself “I’m so done”. Somehow I managed to drag myself through the cycling and running to finish 3rd in my age class. Fun stiff.

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