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What's the most unusual souvenir you've brought home from a vacation?

Asked by mangeons (12127points) July 12th, 2012

Usually when I go to the beach, I just get a standard key chain/mug/postcard/etc. with the location’s name on it as a souvenir in some run of the mill souvenir shop. However, this year down in St. Augustine we went into a shop called Earthbound and there was a display that I couldn’t stop staring at. I ended up buying a decently sized silver Ganesh statue (not a great quality picture, but the best my iPod could take). It’s not anything that I’d usually buy, especially as a souvenir, but I was just weirdly drawn to it and I love it. What’s something unusual that you’ve come across while on vacation and brought home with you?

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That’s a funky statue. I brought back a girl named Kotex. Does that count?

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From China, 3 16” tall thermos bottles with painted dragons on them. Gave 2 away and kept one.

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A Zulu Mcedo. It is a penis tip cover made of grass and banana leaves. It is worn by Zulumen as protection under skin clothing. Got it in South Africa.

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A genuine lobster trap even containing the rocks for weighting it down.

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Betle nut chews wrapped in palm leaves from an asian cab driver, and a buddhist house protecting amulet that I wore around my neck much to the laughter of the night market vendors in snake alley Taiwan. Also jade and marble rocks from the beach that I have in a fountain on my deck and a bottle of Bijou, the chinese equivalent of everclear. Gag….I do not know HOW they drink this stuff, it is like paint thinner. I am sure it would explode like a pipe bomb if you lobbed the bottle into the street. lol

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I bought a statue of Kali not dissimilar to this one the last time I was in India. I did not even know at the time that I would become a devotee of Her!. The statue has been on my altar for almost a decade now.

And more recently… the only souvenir my broke ass student budget could afford while I’m in Paris is this le Creuset saucepan . I found it for 10 EUROS while on a drunken stroll through a fleamarket. Which is like getting it for free. Those things go for about 40 Euros/$60 EASILY. It is now the nicest piece of cookware I own!

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I always pick up rocks I find along the way to add to my rock garden.

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An beautifully carved statue of the Hindu God Krishna.

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I have a few cigarette lighters with images of the WTC twin towers on them.
You light it, and you see this large flame coming out of the top of one of the towers.
Completely tasteless.

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@filmfann: Were those made before or after….

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A sea anemone from Kiama (NSW south coast).

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I usually try and bring back a “snow globe” of the place I visit
as I collect them.

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