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Urgent:Does anyone have a solution in finding a temporary home for two rottweilers,?

Asked by Pandora (30735points) July 12th, 2012

A friend of my daughter lives in Baltimore and they have two inseparable rotties who need a temporary home. They both lost their jobs and will be homeless. They hope to be joined with their dogs when their situation improves and they don’t have any family or friends who can take them in. I’ve been told the dogs are friendly and are friendly with dogs of all sizes and love children. They just like to play together and mostly lay about. They have been trained in search and rescue so are extremely well trained.

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I would take them both If it were not so far away,

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I know it is sad. Everyone I know here either live in a place that couldn’t have them or financially couldn’t or don’t like animals no matter how good they are or are too far away.
I was hoping someone knew of some institution that does a kind of foster home for dogs. They really love their dogs and don’t want to lose them but its not easy finding family or friends who would take in two large dogs or are able too.

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Contact your local animal shelter. They possibly might be able to set the dogs up with temporary boarding at their shelter. You should make clear to them they are not to be adopted out. It’s a risky move but it’s a place to start. If not, they might point you in the direction of someone who can help.

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Call it a coincidence or whatever you want…when I read this post, I went on Facebook to send this question to a friend in Va. that does work with animal shelters and fostering dogs. The last post on his page was this. In case you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s for the Baltimore Pet Rescue Examiner. Maybe the friends can contact them for assistance.

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I would start by contacting the local vets or animals shelters. They may have a database of people that are willing and able to take in foster pets. I know this happens quite a lot over here in the UK.

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Oh, by the way, I just found out that they are Presa Canario not rotties. They are of a mastiff breed.
Oh, and are 4 years old each.

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Id look into a rescue for the breed. They have foster homes for dogs in trasition. They take dogs all the time for short periods. Maybe they will do the same in this case?

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