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If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23132points) July 12th, 2012

If you could pick any animal in the known universe to keep as a pet, what would you want?

Miniature T-Rex? Pygmy elephant? Housebroken pony? Teacup giraffe? (Please note: miniatures and teacups would not have the typical health problems.)

Whatever you want, no limits.

I’d like to have some sort of exotic cat, like a lion, leopard, panther, etc… but one that behaves more like a gentle house cat.

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A baby hippo or a baby giraffe!!!!!!!!11

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I like my goldfish. Cheap and I don’t have to worry about paying a vet. If one dies I toss it over the fence. (they don’t die often)

I like watching them swim. And they will eat their poop if you go on vacation.

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I like the idea of strolling down the street with a panther wearing a turquoise colored collar with rhinestones. Do you know this Ogden Nash poem?

A panther is something like a leopard
that hasn’t been peppered.
If you should see a panther crouch,
prepare to say ouch.
If you should get a call from a panther . . .
don’t anther.

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A water buffalo. Don’t ask me why but I love those Vietnamese water buffalos with the flat curling horns that look like a bad toupee. lol
You can ride them and I guess they would come in handy if you had a rice patty firld. lol

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I still go with a dog. Lab or Golden Retriever

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A horse of my own so I could ride when I choose, rather than needing to book in.

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Black Panther.

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MIlo here; All things being equal, Id stick with Gail.

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African Elephant.

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A female.

I would spoil her all day and night.

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Dogs. I love them. Not little yappy ones. Big dogs that make me work to keep up with them.

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Wouldn’t that be weird, though? Let’s say you have a regular human, but they have the mind and instincts of a dog or cat. That would be freaking awesome to take care of one. I would see the happy look on her face when I made her food (an actual coked dish of course). Who wouldn’t love a woman jumping on them and sniffing them when they get home from work.

I’ve said too much….

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A leopard. I would then constantly try to create a hybrid.

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If I had my own vast outdoor pet preserve so that they wouldn’t be confined to cramped quarters, I’d love to have a harpy eagle, tiger, woolly rhinoceros, and triceratops.

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@Blackberry ROFL! A female with the instincts of a dog or cat? That actually sounds adorable. She’d be so happy to see you, sniff you all over, rub on your leg, and be very vocal about her love for you.

You’d have to train her to not pee on the rug, though.

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@Blackberry I second what chocolate said. Someone wagging their tail like crazy when I got home would be way too cool.

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A small price to pay. I wouldn’t have the heart to discipline her. She would most likely pee and crap all over the place for quite some time.

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@chyna Oh yes, a snow leopard. I’d snuggle with it and pet it and play with it and roughhouse with it and let it bathe me, haha! I love big cats. If I had the money, when it comes to realistic pets, I would want to adopt a Savannah Cat. Largest house cat in the world, with the features and many instincts of a wild cat. Those cats are so amazing!

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A wolfbear!

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I’d go for one of those silver foxes that Lyudmila Trut has been domesticating in Siberia. They’re just beautiful and because they’ve been selectively bred for friendliness since 1959, they’re now even more sociable than dogs.

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@thorninmud: Now, that’s a face that might also launch a thousand ships.

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Or a fennec
God, it is adorable.

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I want a squirrel. Preferably one that will attack people i dislike, on command.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@thorninmud Gorgeous! I’ve seen youtube videos of people with foxes as pets, and it looks so dang sweet! Especially to see them snuggling with the household dogs, and playing with chewtoys.

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I want this penguin.

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@SavoirFaire: S/he is so cute my teeth ache.

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A Clydesdale horse. They are so strong and beautiful! I love them and I love seeing the Budweiser wagon at the State Fair!

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@SavoirFaire I love him! He’s so cute!

Berserker's avatar

@Earthgirl Those horses kick ass.

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Still happy with my cat and my dogs.

Earthgirl's avatar

@Symbeline When I was in high school I made my own stuffed animal. It was a Clydesdale horse.

I also have a thing for bushbabies because when I was little I read a book about one. Those big, big saucer eyes will get you every time!

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A wolf. Humans domesticated wolves into dogs over thousands of years, but what was it like at the very beginning? I want to hang out with one of the first wolves that ever approached human campfires, an intelligent and self-serving wild animal that learned to coexist with people.

It would be ridiculous for me to have an animal like that in the suburbs, so for the sake of the question, I’d be a prehistoric hunter, too.

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You guys should see my herd of tree frogs right now.
They sit on top of a metal Gecko sculpture mounted under my porch light and catch bugs. They are so adorable. Right this minute there are 7 fat little frogs in varying shades of green, spotted, tan, and brown munching down on the vast swarms of summer night moths and various other insects.

It is so fun to watch them and they will take a moth right out of your fingers!
Sometimes when I am coming in from my deck one will wildly leap on me or zing into the house. haha
I love my frogs! :-D

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Dolphin, so I can ride it like a cowboy!

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Something tiny and adorable. Maybe a slow loris?

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@augustlan How adorable!

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Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them :p

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I’d like to have a tiger on a leash just to see the faces of the shitkickers & their pitbulls as we walk on by….......“You want some of this!!”

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Definitely a dragon (preferably one that looks like the dragon in How to Train Your Dragon!)

In reality, I would always go for a dog over anyother creature. Dogs are the best.

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@Earthgirl One of my neigh-bors is an 18 hand Belgian draft horse named “Dusty.” He is a MONSTER! Sweet, but damn, his hooves are the size of salad plates, He was a PMU rescue colt from Canada, and while docile the sheer bulk of him is intimidating.
A playful nudge of his head is like being hit with an anvil! haha

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@johnpowellAnd they will eat their poop if you go on vacation.


Just a dog. I wasn’t allowed any pets growing up, because of my strict father. Not even a fish.

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@Keep_on_running Tragic, you should have been my kid, I was the ” SURE, we can keep it” kinda mom. Sad, deprived fishless childhood. I am sorry. lol

Keep_on_running's avatar


:P We had a neighbourhood cat that used to visit our backyard, so I would let it in our house when my dad was at work. But the owners eventually moved out and took the cat with them. Oh well, it was the closest thing…

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@Coloma Yes I would imagine so! They are huge and yet, sort of cuddly looking. I don’t know why but I have just always adored the look of them. I also have a fondness for things that are small, chunky and powerful like tugboats. My favorite car? The Mini.

I don’t suppose too many people use Clydesdales for riding on. What does your neighbor use his horse for?

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@Earthgirl He’s just a big pet right now, he is not saddle or cart trained, but they do have mules they ride and pack with and mini-donkeys too.
Most draft horses are used for pulling competitions, logging, wagon/carriage pulling and vaulting. They can be ridden but they are not going to be fast and agile and you’ll need a custom saddle and girth.

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@Coloma Hey, I like the idea of a workhorse being a pet. Maybe he’s retired, lol. I wouldn’t want to ride fast anyways, slow and lumbering is ok by me. This is the way to do it. This is about my speed. And I don’t want a saddle, I want to ride bareback like her!

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maybe he can ride you, if you know what I mean :P

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@Earthgirl I used to have an ex roping quarter horse, he was SO fast! Not for novices, the slightest shift of your weight and he was off like a bullet. Very highly trained to subtle ques. I miss him!

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@ragingloli Hell, I ain’t no Catherine the great

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^^: If you must shout, at least spell it right…platypus..

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@gailcalled I didn’t even have to look at the author on that one to know who wrote the response. :)

gailcalled's avatar

Milo here; I am the standard bearer; Gail simply takes dictation.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@gailcalled Thanks for the laugh. :)

gailcalled's avatar

^^^ You are soooo easy

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I am what I am.

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A bonobo couple who are in love with each other ;-)

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@mattbrowne Do you mean this kind of Bonobo? This article calls them “the bipolar apes”! Bonobos vs. Chimps!!! Make love not war!!!

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Exactly, @Earthgirl. Recently I read one of Frans de Waal’s books. Amazing stuff indeed!

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