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What is a tiny black bug that likes the window, and the pantry, and is mostly static?

Asked by flo (12974points) July 12th, 2012

It could be dark brown. You could mistake it for dirt if you didn’t know.

The size is about 1/6th of a grain of instant coffee.

If you squash it between your fingers it feels like, and looks like you squashed instant coffee.

It does not jump and has no wings. You hardly see it move, but when it is moving, it is too slow to escape.

EDITED: Or it could be the pantry that is it’s favorite. It can be found just about anything in the cupboard, like baking soda, sugar etc.

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Yuu mean these guy?

The bugs in the pantry are various kinds of weevils.

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@gailcalled I don’t think so. The ones in your link have legs. The ones I’m refering too look like dots except they are not quite round. I wish I could narrow it down in Google Images.

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Most insects that live in flour, sugar, baking powder and other unrefrigerated grains are a form of weevil. Many of them have invisible legs. I showed you only one example.

Google “Weevils in flour” and prepare to waste an hour looking at very small black bugs.

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Most likely @flo you have flour beetles. They are extremely difficult to get rid of.

My suggestion to you is to keep your flour in an airtight container in your freezer. Next, clean out your pantry. Put all of your dry goods in airtight containers.

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Is it incredible the variety of them? Just amazing. It is driving my sister’s friend up the wall. I guess keep wiping off everything as much as possible is the answer. Anyway, the other thing what do the ones in the window sill window crevices feed on?

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You eliminate the bugs and weevils that live in grains, flour, cereals, etc by starting with clean pint-sized canning (mason) jars with airtight double lids. Use those to store grains in; or keep them in the freezer in ziplock bags.

Many sizes

@SpatzieLover is correct. You have to toss the infected materials and clean every shelf and cupboard with vinegar and water. Then start at ground zero.

I just opened an allegedly vacuum-sealed pouch of treats for Milo. The inside was filled with cobwebs and nasty looking things that didn’t bear close inspection. I tossed the lot and will keep the new supply in the freezer.

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Yes, interesting stuff. When we move into a new place what should we do to keep them away in the first place?

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As I have said, you put all your grains, nuts and grain-like stuff in airtight mason jars ( or in ziplock bags in the freezer.

Often it is impossible to keep everything at bay. There are also very small moths who insinuate themselves into. So. periodically, you do a thorough housekeeping.\

Quoting myself, “You have to toss the infected materials and clean every shelf and cupboard with vinegar and water. Then start at ground zero.”

Read this article. Moths in the home. Apparently, the webbed stuff I found in Milo’s cat treat bags was from Indian Meal Moths.

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I just wanted to prevent them from coming in the first place. If I was in an infested place and say they came in a purse, clothing, or something, that can’t be helped, But let’s say they tried to come in through the window I’m trying to figure out how they got there? I mean it can’t be that they got bored of the pantry full of grain stuff, and decided to move there.

The article ypu provided: “Moths in the Home” says:
_“During periods of heavy moth flights, seal any openings, reduce evening lighting (which
attracts them), and watch the door as you enter the house at night to prevent moth entrance_”
Thanks @gailcalled

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@flo: That advice sounds nice, but I can assure you that in the battle between moth and weevil and you, you will not be the winner.

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@gailcalled I refuse to think like that:) I was hoping someone would dicover an all purpose-ish plant or something. “Piss off Plant” is for cats, and something else is for something else…

What do you think of “diatomaceous earth” in general for whatver it is meant for.

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What’s it meant for? ( I am going to let you do the research this time.)

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This is what made me add “whatever is meant for” only I forgot to add the link.
To be continued…

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@flo That is simply fascinating. I had no idea.

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@LittleLemonhope I hope it is a reliable site though. Normally I try to mention that I don’t know the site.

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I just wanted to pu the url here since I see something is wrong with the one above.

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