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What's the most amazing part of the human body? (inside or outside)

Asked by Berserker (33454points) July 12th, 2012

You decide what amazing is.
So what part of the human body do you find the most fascinating? Hair, legs, intestines, the heart, the brain, the eyes, teeth, lungs, nipples? What, and why?

I think the liver is pretty cool, because it actually regenerates itself when damaged. That’s actually kind of creepy, but real fascinating at the same time. I also love hair, especially long hair. You?

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I’d say the brain, unless you’re a zombie. lol

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@Coloma Lol. Also, zombies rule.

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I love eyes, a great ass, breasts are really nice too, and hair drives me nuts. But I’ve got to agree with C, the brain is the best.

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Eyes for all they allow me to see.

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The brain is the most amazing, but women’s breasts are the most beautiful. =0)

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Not necessasarily the breasts, The view of a women’s body, front or back, with all the curves, is so fucking nice.

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Hope. Hope is the spark of life that drives one to do what they do, be who they are and gives the desire to make the choices they make. I am fascinated by this hope in each of us that defines the very essence of how we are.

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Thank god nobody said feet. Gah! If anyone puts their lips near my feet I’ll mule kick you into the next county. lol

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The most amazing part by far is the brain but the immune system is also pretty fucking incredible. I remember seeing this movie Fantastic Voyage. OMG! It would be considered so hokey by today’s standards but maybe you would enjoy it like a piece of B movie kitcsh. It starred Raquel Welch. It was written by Isaac Asimov. In one scene the white corpuscles attacked the shrunken humans inside the man’s body who were trying to break up the blood clot he had. Would you want to go on such a voyage if you could?

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Fuck yeah I would. That sounds damn neat, what a cool idea for a movie.

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The tongue. It helps you savor life to the fullest.

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Yes, the brain.

Oh, and big butts.

I visited a great exhibit awhile ago that had preserved bodies. You could see muscles and tissue as if it were a dried piece of beef jerky. I’m talking about an entire dead person: skin off with exposed muscle, ligaments, veins, bones etc.

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Based on function, complexity, and it’s importance to maintaining life… Bowman’s capsule. Or on a larger scale, the nephron (of which Bowman’s capsule is one part).

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The sense of smell and its connection with memory. Smell is a very primitive sense, because we evolved it to find the best food and sex partners. Smell is also responsible for most of what we actually taste; the nose is way more sensitive than the tongue. And for some reason, smelling the right thing can bring up very strong, visceral memories and associations.

(That’s one reason why I’m so into wine, because it’s so aromatic. There’s one school of thought that says wine is a nearly flavorless liquid that just has lots of smells. It’s a playground for your nose, and that brings memory to the party.)

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Our liver regenerates?! Really? Well color me happy, time to get tipsy!

I’d say the SKIN is the most amazing part. Without it, our world would seem to be ruled by Cenobites like Pinhead in those Hellraiser films. Yikes. Plus sometimes it’s so nice to lick the skin, caress it or nibble at it. I mean who would suck on a skinless dick? Oh yeah. A Cenobite.

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The heart. The fact that it can keep beating non-stop for more than a hundred years is kinda creepy and amazing.

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Stretch out an arm in front of you, palm facing up, now pinch that skin on your elbow.
That’s left over scrotum flesh is that, not a single piece wasted, now that is amazing.

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Touch. Without touch, you can’t feel anything. Someone could stab you in the back and you wouldn’t know, because you can’t feel anything. Next thing you know, you’re dead.
Touch also allows you to see. I mean, if you have imagination. Like how blind people use touch to see and read.

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The mouth is pretty cool. It can eat, taste, talk, sing, kiss, suck, lick, smile, bite etc.

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The vagina FTW! :)

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