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What is one event that changed your life for the better?

Asked by Cruiser (40434points) July 12th, 2012

Little or big, subtle or shocking…what is one thing/event that forever changed your life for the better??

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Accidentally meeting my partner on a web site.

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If I discount the birth of my children, the other event was the unexpected arrival of Milo.

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Forgetting to wear a slip the day I first met my husband. I walked into his office and apparently a light showed him clearly that I was the one. ~ (22
Years ago. )

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Divorcing my ex husband. I have been in a state of nirvana for almost a decade now. Aaaah, now I know why trapped animals chew their own leg off to escape the jaws of doom. lololol

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Getting married. No doubt about it.

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Cliched perhaps, but it really was the most life changing event for me. Getting together with my husband. He changed my life and my children’s lives.

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surviving cancer

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My time in the military has changed me for the better, in general. I’ve traveled a lot and had a lot of great experiences that most of my peers didn’t have the opportunity to have.

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When I realised I own a beautiful, thick penis. This led to fantastic wanks, great sex & ultimately to the birth of my two awesome kids.

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I like this question a lot. You asked for one, but I’m feeling like looking at the bright side today, so here’s a few.

Oddly, my near death experience has changed my life for the better. At first it was just really scary, my poor mom came away with PTSD, but it has taught me a lot about the value of time and about appreciating life and that I have been lucky in many, many ways, even though it’s really easy to focus on how unlucky I’ve been in other ways. It has also helped me get my priorities straightened out, because on the day that it happened I went to school to take a test before going to the hospital like I should have done in the first place, and it really scared me straight when I saw that my perfectionism damn near killed me.

Starting an antidepressant has improved my life hugely. I started it during my surgeries because I was having a really hard time coping, but after getting through that rough patch and resuming normal life, I realized I probably should have been on one all along. Because I am so much less type A now, which I’ve been wishing I could change for ages.

Speaking of surgeries, those changed my life for the better too. I’m not out of the woods with my body yet, but I’m way better than I used to be. I don’t get horribly ill anymore like I used to, which is more awesome than I can even describe.

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