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Paris, the City of Romance?

Asked by victord66 (201points) May 31st, 2008

I have heard recently that after WWII it was the Americans who invented the myth that Paris was the city of romance in order to make up for the fact that quite a lot of Parisians collaborated with the Nazis. Can anyone confirm this and perhaps direct me to some historical references?

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I can’t vouch for that but Paris was characterized as the city of romance in many movies and books before World War II.

I spent my honeymoon in France with one week in Paris and it was marvelous,

I was married in mid-April and “April in Paris” is a wonderful and valid saying.


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My question would be “what Americans”? Certainly not the troops that had been there. If anything there was a post-war sentiment against the city, when troops were not welcomed with open arms after liberation. Many G.I’s stayed away from the city after recovery because of this feeling. In contrast, other areas of France were more welcoming and have still not forgotten the work on D-Day of all of the allied forces. This is especially true in Normandy.

I think the idea of the city of romance dates back way before that, with it’s artist’s culture, etc. Several photographers in the 20’s and 30’s used Paris as a backdrop for their photo essays that were sent round the world.
I know it was considered that during “the Grand Tour” stage of travel, well before WWII and may have gone back for centuries.

Other cities in Europe are also known as the city of romance as well. Venice and Brugges, Belgium being just two that come to mind.

This sounds like a bit of revisionist history to me.

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Paris, Texas? Really?

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no, Chuckie, baby, Paris Hilton…and not the hotel.

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Yes. Absolutely. Was there Christmas of 04.
My very favorite city
Besides San Diego ;)

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