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Should there be Olympic events based on modern sports?

Asked by LostInParadise (28939points) July 13th, 2012

It makes good sense to have events using dead weights like shot putt and discus. But why not also include events using objects designed for distance? Like a golf driver event, or how about a golf putting event? How many people have any idea of what the record is for shot putt or discus? I bet people would be more likely to keep track of the record distance for throwing a baseball or kicking a soccer ball. The only drawback is that for lighter objects the wind is going to be a much bigger factor. Maybe some events could be moved indoors, like finding the greatest distance that someone could sink a basketball.

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I kind of like the concept of pure raw athletic contests that any man or woman could compete in today, tomorrow or a 1,000 years ago.

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I’m sort of waiting for the Frisbee Golf competition.

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That I would watch @elbanditoroso

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What you seem to be describing amounts to nothing more than a glorified pre-school kick-a-round.
I’m all in favour of sports being introduced into the olympics, golf/snooker/darts perhaps, but they have to be in their entirity, not just specific parts.

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There is nothing wrong with having sports in the Olympics, but they do not allow for comparison from one year to the next. Would you say that running events are a “glorified pre-school kick-around.”

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No, but on your terms it may as well be the first person to scream when they hear the starting pistol is declared the loser, winner.

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I’m ready for Olympic beer pong.

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