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How accurate are your local weather forecasts?

Asked by flutherother (27087points) July 13th, 2012

The Met Office here in the UK are now confident enough to issue 5 day weather forecasts for very specific areas of the country and they are very accurate. Are your weather forecasts detailed and accurate?

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The temperature they predict is usually around 5–7 degrees off. And the precipitation forecasts are left so vague that they can mean anything (“50% chance of showers”).

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Vaguely accurate for two days out. I live in a place that had 35 degree differentials within 25 miles this week – the San Francisco Bay Area. It was 54 degrees by the beach and 99 here in Lafayette.

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It’s usually safe to expect the opposite of what they predict. We tend to get 4 seasons in one day, regardless of the forecast.

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The are very accurate at current temps and conditions….amazingly so. Forecasts are an epic fail.

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Highly variable. With as much as a 10 degree difference or more, and winter is always off, everytime “they” predict low snow for my foothills it doesn’t happen, and when there is no hype we wake up to 16 inches overnight. lol
I still fall for the “low snow” routine, yeah, I’m gullible.

Yesterday was quite accurate with a 3 day heat wave in Northern Ca.
Hit about 103–104 yesterday up here in my hills, gah! Horrible!
Today was 93 and it is HEAVEN compared to the inferno of the last few days.

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Very, if I factor in my micro-mini-climate in the “hill country.” It is always a little snowier, icier, colder, and windier here.

Four miles away “in town”, things are calmer due to the 800’ difference in elevation and level terrain.

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The ABC affiliate here is amazingly good, considering what they are up against. I’m 1½ blocks from Boston Harbor and sea breezes kick up some days, not on others. In mid winter, a sea breeze can warm us up 10 or 20 °F in a few minutes. And in the spring as the weather on land warms, the ocean water is still almost cold enough for the water to freeze. A sea breeze then can drop the temperature 20 °F in minutes. The sea breezes usually only effect the weather at the immediate coast, so calling the temperature for the entire region has to be a trick. Still, they get it right most of the time, right down to predicting when sea breezes will kick up.

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I also live in the east bay (Concord), and I am pretty impressed. When I watch the news at 6am, they tell me what time it will rain, and when it will stop, and they are pretty accurate!
The 5 and 10 day forecasts are pretty good too.

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I remember the Albuquerque tv weatherman saying once, “Tomorrow’s weather? Your guess is as good as mine”.

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