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Do you like going to parties?

Asked by this_velvet_glove (1142points) July 13th, 2012

And why?

I never really liked going to parties, I can’t stand the people.

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There are very few things I loathe more than parties. They are event that seemed to be designed with my discomfort in mind. They also seem to be the complete opposite of fun. I have always felt this way – even before I was an cranky old man.

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I love em. Screw it, I’m having fun.

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I am avoiding a party right this very second.

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I suppose it takes a certain level of non-hatred of other human beings to enjoy partying. Along with a little bit of horniness (not much, but lots doesn’t hurt either) and people watching skills.

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Depends on the people and the party. I don’t like parties full of fake poser people, for example. But if people are being themselves and enjoying doing something they and I enjoy doing, and/or each other’s company then yes.

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Not so much since I quit drinking.

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Yes, because I like mingling.

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Like @Judi, not as much since I stopped drinking. Jokes aren’t as funny; people don’t seem as clever; time passes more slowly. The food is still good and it’s nice to see friends again, but I feel like an onlooker. Alcohol is definitely a party mood enhancer and I miss it.

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Like @Sunny2 and @Judi it’s been different since I got sober, but I still like going for the first few hours.

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If I know the people who are there I love ‘em.
But I take a while to warm up to a room full of strangers….
We throw a party once a year and I have a great time because everybody’s a friend of ours.

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Yes, when I’m in the mood, I love nothing more than a good shindig! Why not? Life is short and they’re fun! Bottoms up!

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I like parties, but mostly love having my own. Since I know everyone, and usually when I have a cookout, I invite people I don’t get to see that much, and most o the time they can come. I love hanging out with all my friends!!

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No and I never really have. I don’t mind having a few friends over, but ‘parties’ leave me cold.

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I love parties and even more so now that I don’t drink. I have a slew of new neighbors who are always coming up with excuses to get together!

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No, can’t abide “organised fun”, much prefer making my own entertainment, in my own time & with fantastic company.

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Yes, I love parties and events. Going to a live music event tomorrow that a friends band is playing in. I am a natural extrovert, love to talk and have a serious comedic side, I don’t have a shy bone in my body and make others very comfortable.
Infact I am working on a routine and hoping to do my first stand up gig at a local open mic night before the end of the summer!

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Not really. I’m a pretty anti-social person. I attend the occasional party and, a few years ago, I set up a huge surprise party for my husband’s 30th birthday…. but I tend to stick with two or three specific people the whole time. I don’t feel entirely comfortable or like I can breathe normally until I get back home.

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My favorite type of party has dancing. Those are very rare where I live now.

We get together with friends often. Dinner parties for small groups and bigger parties.

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As @tom_g said so well (saving me the trouble of composing a coherent sentence):

“There are very few things I loathe more than parties. They are event that seemed to be designed with my discomfort in mind. They also seem to be the complete opposite of fun. I have always felt this way – even before I was” a cranky old lady.

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No, I feel uncomfortable, hate the din and can’t wait to get home. I avoid them like the plague.

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I’m more of a one-on-one kind of girl.

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It reeeeally depends on the party. A superbowl party with my boyfriend and his government co-workers is pretty much my worst fucking nightmare. I really don’t want to sit around making polite small talk about sports, jobs, and babies with a bunch of near-strangers. A free-wheeling nerdy art student party? Best night ever.

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