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Can just anybody try-out for America's Got Talent?

Asked by kitchi1 (179points) July 13th, 2012

Before I say anything, I will tell you I know the chances of getting on there is as skinny as a laptop charger. Actually, smaller than that. But, anything’s possible, and it won’t hurt if you try. I know getting on there is extremely hard and you REALLY need some talent. But, it’s possible to get hit by lightning and win the lottery. It barely ever happens to YOU, but it happened to somebody. There is a chance. You probably think I sound stupid saying this. Probably think I’m just some big dreamer. But I don’t dream. I live. And I’m sorry you don’t understand why I’d even try. Just PLEASE don’t argue with me and just aswer my question. I don’t want any trouble.

Do you know if just anybody can try-out for America’s Got Talent? I mean, I know you have to have talent, but can you just be a person with no rich life, and things like that?

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Landau Eugene Murphy was from a very small town in my state that was in his 40’s and had a wife and kids and washed cars for a living. At one point I believe he was even homeless. He won season 6 of America’s Got Talent. (I met him at a food bank we were both helping out with.)
Yes, if you have talent, you can try out.

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Okay, thanks. Do you know where you try-out? If you don’t it’s fine.

By the way, I like your name!

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I was thinking they held tryouts at a local mall, but I may be wrong. He is still singing and when he comes back to my state to have a concert, they usually have to have at least 3 dates as he sells out immediately.

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Okay. Thanks!

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Try checking out this site. You can sign up to be alerted to updates for the next season, including auditions.

@chyna Mr. Murphy was awesome.

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Yes, pretty much anybody with some type of talent can enter.

Unlike American Idol, there is no age limit. They’ve had octegenarians as well a really young children. I believe Jackie Ivanko was only 8 yrs. old. She came in second to some singer guy whose name nobody really remembers now.

Many people feel she was robbed as she has a beautiful voice and sings opera flawlessly. However, since part of the first prize was a contract for a show in Vegas, I think it’s just as well. There was a beautiful unspoiled innocent quality to her and I don’t think Vegas would have been the best place for her talent anyhow.

And nobody needs to shed any tears for her. She’s already put out a couple if CDs and is under the guidance of David Foster who has guided the careers of Josh Groban and others. He doesn’t just take on anybody so she’s doing really well for herself.

BTW. She came into the contest from YouTube nominations so there are multiple ways to get onto the show.

If you want to try out, I’d say go for it. No reason you shouldn’t. I love that show. They have some of the most truly unique talent from the most humble circumstances.

I love love love Eugene’s voice and he deserves every bit of the success he’s now found. He’s a black guy with long dreads who sings like Sinatra.Who woulda thunk it ?

Only in America. I think this show is fantastic.

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Thank you for all your help!!

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No probs. Be sure to let us know when you’ll be appearing next season (or put in a link to your YT vid so we can root for you :)

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If I do appear, then I will tell you all!

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