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What sites can you legally download movies from?

Asked by sjg102379 (1245points) June 29th, 2007
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THiC's avatar is one I know of.

Don't expect to find the latest blockbusters there though. =]
Mostly classic (read: old) movies.

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Downloadable movies are offered by Netflix. Netflix isn't free, of course, but at least the downloads do not cost any extra beyond the membership price. Click the "Watch Now" tab on for a list. The selection is pretty good.

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seriously.. just torrent. i like, but there are a lot of other good ones as well.

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There aren't many sites you can legally download movies from because, well...unless you're paying for them, it's not actually legal to download it. Netflix (as posted above) is an option. You can also buy movies through Amazon's "UnBox" feature, and as always iTunes (not exactly a website) offers movies for purchase.

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There are sites you can download from for free or if you feel you can give a donation to the site. is a good one to download from but always remember to read the comments from previous downloaders.

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