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Stuff vs. Nothing.

Asked by Mr_Paradox (3017points) July 13th, 2012

It blows my mind to think that the world is mostly empty of matter. If the nucleus of an atom were the size of a grain of salt than the atom would be the size of a tennis court. All the area inside has no matter in it. What do you think of this?

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What I also wonder is, where does all our energy go when we die? Energy never dies, it transfers, so where does it go?

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@linguaphile back into the atmosphere?

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the energy is contained in the matter of your body so the energy goes with your decomosing body.

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Energy can’t be created or destroyed is what I learned in my youth, and which may no longer be true with the splitting of the atom. As I understand it, with death, it becomes another kind of energy. Decay releases heat energy and may allow another kind of life to grow. A scientist could give you a longer chain than I can. Or may tell us I’m hopelessly behind times.
I always think of the Hindu religion as being the most sensible because of the indestructibility of energy and life going on in other forms.

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@Sunny2 My thoughts exactly. Only the way you put it was clearer and more eloquent.

If you ever want to read a great meditative book on reincarnation etc, check out “Deep River” by Shusaku Endo. Highly recommend.

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If I think about it too much, it blows my mind a bit. So mostly, I just file it away in the back of my little brain and go on enjoying my life.

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It is worse than that. It There is not only very little matter, but matter doesn’t really exist. Even the nucleus of an atom is made up of smaller particles called quarks and these subatomic particles aren’t made of matter so much as pure energy. Energy is never lost it is just changed into other forms and what is important is the information that it holds. For example DNA holds the information to make a human being.

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I simply wonder where all that stuff in my garage and storage room came from….I just wish it would release it’s energy and become nothing.

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I just think about George Carlin’s witty observations about “stuff” and realize how correct he was.

I hope it’s up on YouTube :)

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I just found out about how we feel objects. We dont feel the atoms we feel the negative field surrounding the electron sheel around it pushing against our atoms negative field. So if you could get rid of the negative field around your atoms you could phase through objects!

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