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How often do you 'lose' your car?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (27719points) July 14th, 2012

This isn’t about losing it permanently, but forgetting where you parked it. Parking garages often confuse me, even if the level is written down.

Also, what actions have you found to be helpful in remembering where it was parked?

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It happened twice. One time I must have walked around for about 3 hours solid looking around till I almost dropped. The second time I went home to “sleep on it” and return to search in the morning!!!! Talk about “fuzzy logic”!

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At a confusing lot like an airport, I look for the floor and numbers nearby. I haven’t really lost my car since a Day on the Green concert back in the 70s.

I wish I had a clip of that Seinfeld episode.

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It happens to me all the time. I have started making mental notes as I get out of my car to look for a land mark. Like I’ll look at the building and think “I’m at the T in Walmart aisle”. When I park in a parking garage, I mark down on a slip of paper which floor I’m on, Red 3, halfway down. When I go to the mall I park in the same general area near Penney’s and go in and leave by the same door so I know generally where I’ve parked.

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It only happened to me once. When I was picking my girlfriend up at the airport. And we had to walk around just ONE FLOOR of the parking garage for almost an hour. It was so embarrassing. But my blood sugar was high and that makes me incompetent…

And on the topic of parking garages, I’ll never forget something that an old friend of mine said when we were trying to find a place to park for a concert: “If I go to hell for being gay, it’s going to be a parking garage full of Hummers.”

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Whenever I drive to a new place, I make a note in my phone what street my car is on and places by it. This was essential when I would drive to NYC… I recently drove to New Orleans as well and I made a note of where my car is.

Other than that, I rarely lose my car. I have a special connection with my car because it gives me my freedom and independence. I even get anxious waiting around for repairs because I’m stuck in the same place. I don’t even like riding with other people sometimes because I’m on their terms.

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It happens every work day as I park in the city on the street.
The worst from the past was coming home after a week long business trip and not remembering where I parked the car at Logan in Boston. I walked 3 floors for 1 hour before I foud it.

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Not very often.

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There are apps available which evidently work pretty well. You push something when youre at your car and it remembes that location and beeps or something as you get closer on the way back.

Fortunately I haven’t had to use it yet.

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Rarely, as I do manage to make a mental note of the location when in an unfamiliar place. Since getting the iPhone 5 years ago, I will take a photo of the lot number, or drop a pin on the map whe it’s an open lot in a field – like at an outdoor concert or festival. But even then, it is seldom necessary for me to refer back to that information, as I have a good sense of direction.

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Regularly, if I do not pay close attention. I have a recurring nightmare with this theme.

I have a sort of spatial dysgraphia and get lost all the time, too. Sometimes driving one way from here to somewhere looks different from the return trip from somewhere to here.

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I know what you mean, but it’s never happened to me, now car keys….that’s a whole new ball game.

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It happens to me somewhat frequently in parking lots around campus because I’m always using different lots and different spaces each time. The same thing happens when I take my bike.

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Places I go often- I always park in the same row/area. Someplace new- I memorize something that I’m near, like the helpful letters & numbers in parking garages. I don’t usually lose it for more than a minute or two that way:-)

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All the time. I have two methods to deal with this, because it has happened that I wander around the mall parking lot for an hour with ten bags looking for my car. My first method is the use of Car Matey on my Android, which shows me a map of where I left my car and has arrows to point me in the right direction. However, sometimes I forget, in which case I walk around pressing the panic button until I hear the incessant honking.

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I used to leave my car in a multi story car park on a fairly regular basis. One day after shopping and seeing a movie I came back to the car park and just couldn’t find the damned thing. I think I was looking in places where I had previously parked it. I tried walking from the bottom to the top scrutinising every vehicle and I still didn’t see it. I began to wonder if it had been stolen. After an hour or so I suddenly saw it where I am sure I hadn’t left it.

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There have been times where I parked it half a block further away than I thought and freaked out for a moment, but there are benefits to having a huge skull painted on the hood; there is no chance of me trying to take another blue ‘85 Corolla home.

Also, Android has some useful apps for that.

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I’ve seen various brightly colored little flags and other doodads sold in catalogs which can attach to your car antenna thus enabling you to spot your car easily from others at a distance.

But for those of us who are more thrifty, the same can be accomplished with an Exacto knife to make a slit in one of those neon green tennis balls and perch that on your fully extended antenna. Afterwards it stashes easily in the glove compartment for next time.

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um, never? I have a good sense of direction to retrace where I came from in my mind.

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Rarely, if ever.

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Rental cars repeated trips to same location, different cars each time. D U H ! ! ! looking for last week’s car this week. More times than I care to remember.

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@Tropical_Willie Rental cars are a challenge. When I worked at a hotel in Chicago, a guest came to the front desk and reported that his car was stolen. Before eating breakfast, he put his bags in the trunk. Then the car disappeared. It turned out later that he put them in the same make/model of a rental car being used by another guest. When I rent a car week after week, it’s difficult to remember what it looks like. I’ve wandered around a few parking lots pressing the ‘unlock’ button in order to find it again.

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It used to happen to me fairly regularly, so I used antenna toppers for a while to help me distinguish my car in a sea of cars. Most of the places I go now, I park in the same general area every time. At most, I’ll be a row or two off from time to time.

@gailcalled I get lost all the time, too, and always have to have return directions to find my way back home.

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Twice, so far:

Stolen once by Staten Island cunt scum.

Stolen once by NYPD (even worse).

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