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What does he want?

Asked by hate2love (9points) July 14th, 2012

My best friends brother has started hanging out with us lately and we’ve come to be very close as in cuddling, hugging and such. The thing is he gives off all these vibes that he likes me but then he does something to confuse me.

Like we slept over at their place and he was fake kissing me the whole time but then he really kissed me and for the rest of the night we would secretly kiss every chance we got, then the next day he was really distant just not the same can anyone tell me what he could possibly want.

I’m very confused because I’m really starting to like him but I don’t want to get my hopes up if he’s not in it.

Can anyone help!!

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He wants sex.

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… and both of you are underage.

Don’t put yourself in a position you will later regret.

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“Dat ass”.

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Another suspicious today, gone tomorrow?

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Uh, how old are both of you?

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He wants your brother, but he doesn’t want to upset you.

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The only person who knows the answer to this is your best friend’s brother. If you aren’t willing to ask him, then my advice would be to lay off of the make-out sessions unless you are willing to risk your heart getting hurt. If he is truly interested in you as a person and not just a make-out partner, then he will approach you from a different angle that doesn’t require physical contact.

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He’s still figuring things out, like you are. Go slow.You can always go further with sexual things, but you can’t undo anything. The best thing I ever did was take it slow, get to know the other person on many levels, and let it proceed naturally. If you feel like he’s rushing you back off.

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You’re just going to have to see how it goes, or ask him directly.

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Sounds like a young kid trying to cop a feel, not a young man looking to enter into a relationship.

What exactly is fake kissing?

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