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What should I place in these "gift envelopes"?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) July 14th, 2012

I am trying to do a home made gift for someone who is leaving. I know her from work and I used to dog sit for her occasionally. She’s the sweetest lady. So I’m trying to do something meaningful and not just buy a gift. I am interested in this:

But not as a “travel” theme. Any ideas for someone who simply leaving the area to start a new life?

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I made a gift basket for a guy in my office that was leaving. I was friends with him and his wife and had also dog sat for them. I put in some things that I thought would make their new home a little homier. Candles, a pretty kitchen clock, address stickers with their new address, and I got some snacks and a bone for their dog.
Edited to add: I just realized you said envelope and you can’t put the things I mentioned in an envelope. Hmm, the only thing I can think of for envelopes is gift cards.

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Pet gift certificate and ^ what @chyna said!
Maybe some doggy treats or a toy. People love to get things for their pets.
I once gave my ex father in law a new leash and collar set for his Pug. He loved it and couldn’t wait to take his ” Moose” out for a walk sporting his new accessories. lol

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Put chocolate coins in them. Like this

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How about a memento of the area where she currently resides? One of the most popular local restaurants in our area (and not a chain) sells gift cards. One of the most valuable items when I move is a map of the local area or any type of guidebook.

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A photo of you

A photo of their dog

A nice list from you of the top 10 reasons you like her, or will miss her

A Starbucks gift card

A list of people’s phone numbers and e-mail addresses (of the people that you know she would like to keep in contact with)

A packet of seeds for her favorite flowers

A funny cartoon that you know she would appreciate

A gift certificate for a pet store near her home

A candy bar that you know she loves

Do some research on the town to where she is moving, then print out a list of some yummy restaurants and/or menus from the places near her house

An open invitation for her to come back and have lunch with you

A map of her new town

Do some research on google and find out where the dog parks are, or any dog friendly businesses, including restaurants where they let dogs sit outside

A group photo of the gang from work

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