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If one of life's more minor mysteries could be solved, what would you like it to be?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (25716points) July 14th, 2012

There have been a couple of questions on Fluther about what big mysteries members would like to see resolved. Here is one and here is another.

This is about smaller and possibly more personal ones. What has been niggling in the back of your brain for awhile now? How would it make you feel to finally have the answer?

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Where does the other sock from the pair go when missing from the dryer ?

Is there a land in another dimension where they are all dwelling in harmony?

Where can I get the map?

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@Buttonstc Agh…yes! There are about a half dozen in my sock drawer that keep waiting for their mate to show up. They just need to be retired to the dust cloth box, but I keep holding out hope.

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Why does the last chip (french fry, for all the Americans) always taste different to the rest?

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Goofy & Pluto, both dawgs & yet only one speaks, drives a vehicle & walks around on his hind legs much like a human. What…..the…....fuck’s…......that….all….about….then?

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Where do my cats take all of my bobby pins? Sometimes I envision a mountainous pile of them behind the furnace… maybe in the walls….. but really? I have no idea. Where do they go??

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How is it that two people can follow the same recipe, and one’s food tastes great (Grandma’s) and the others tastes horrible (mine)?

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Why is it that a buttered piece of toast always lands buttered side down when dropped on the floor? I’ve always blamed it on Murphy but maybe I’ve been doing him a disservice….

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Why do you always find something you’ve lost in the last place you look?

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@Sunny2 Because when you finally find it, you don’t look for it anymore. So, that makes it the last place you looked, no?

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@Symbeline Congratulations. Of course!

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