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Will everyone stop being so interesting so that Milo and I can go to bed, please?

Asked by gailcalled (54584points) May 31st, 2008

The tide has turned, it seems. Humor, clarity, originality abound. Altho the word-of-the-day is definitely now “separate.”

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trig. is fun!!!!!!!!!!!! So are molecules

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@gailcalled: “Although”

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@Wizard: Did you just attempt to correct Gail?

Altho & Although are both acceptable! Altho is a conjunction, look it up!

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Dogpile on Wizard!

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That help?

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I promise to be boring tonight.

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See Jane run. Run Jane run.

Boring enough for you, Gail?
(betcha AC likes it)

Amazing I ever learned to enjoy reading.

Nitey-nite all

All tucked in.


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Goodnight, sweet Gailcalled. Pleasant dreams.

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