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At the end of the first Superman movie, does Superman go back in time, or does he reverse time?

Asked by filmfann (44524points) July 14th, 2012

There is a subtle difference. If he reverses time, then the events of the earthquake never happened, and Lois never died. If he travels back in time, then he abandons the timeline he was in, and there is an alternate timeline where Lois is dead, and Superman has vanished.
If he reversed time, why didn’t he just stop the second rocket, preventing all the damage?

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To add to your quandary, would he meet himself if he travelled back in time, thus being able to warn himself of the forth coming events, thus preventing them in the first place?

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Rolled back time so that he could not say that he unethically altered time… or else he just would have gone back to Krypton and prevented the disaster that destroyed his first home world and he would had an angry father giving him grief over altering time. Superman had a lack of creative insight that day. All he wanted was his friend back so he could avoid going into the trauma of the grief process.

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The only thing realistic about the time-reversal scene was depicting the speed of light at around 7 low-earth orbits per second. I don’t think one can ask too many questions about fiction that depicts violations of the known laws of physics.

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Neither. He was vapourised when he attempted to reach relativistic velocity. Anything you saw was a hallucination his brain constructed in the last moments of his illegal alien life.

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He reversed time by spinning the earth backwards. My least favorite part of that movie.

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I’m guessing he read the clunky script & stumbled across one of many glaring holes within.

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Vapourised? I thought he was paralysed from falling off his horse.

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nah, the horse broke his back while doing something else, if you know what I mean.

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^^ Not nice ^^

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Yeah, Christopher Reeve was a lovely fella, couldn’t ride horses for shit, but a very nice man.

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Well the movie is called “Superman”. I think the film makers just wanted to portray an act of amazing power. The details don’t really matter. It’s sort of like going to a star trek convention and asking how the devices on the ship worked.

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“It’s sort of like going to a star trek convention and asking how the devices on the ship worked.”
And you would get an answer, because there is a thing called the star trek technical manual, where these things are explained.

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@ragingloli There’s always one in the crowd….

Well, let’s consult the Superman technical manual then. Who’s got it?

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Star Trek conventions….......shudder!

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