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What's the best carrier to use?

Asked by lmmorTall (15points) July 14th, 2012

I’m looking at getting a new phone soon, an upgrade from my iPhone 3G. I’ve chosen the Samsung Galaxy III but am still open to suggestions. But what I’m wondering is what carrier I should choose to get the best coverage and price planning. I need a decent data plan that includes unlimited text and a good amount of voice as well.

I’ve done a lot of research but am finding it a little hard to come to any conclusions. Any help that you all can offer is greatly appreciated.

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After trying both AT&T and Verizon, I have been very satisfied with T-Mobile.

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No-contract carriers (namely Boost Mobile which is on Sprint’s network) offer unlimited plans at really low rates. For instance, I have a Samsung Galaxy with Boost and pay $45/month (with their new Shrinkage plan, you get $5 taken off your bill for every 6 months you pay on time). I’ve been with Boost for over a year now and have no complaints. I’m not sure if they carry the Samsung Galaxy III, but they do have other Android phones.

Good luck on your search.

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Good coverage is important, and different for every carrier.
At&t has good coverage in some areas, while Verison is good in others. They all have their own dead zones. Figure out who has good coverage in the area you will be in.

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I would never, ever use AT&T. I’ve been mostly happy with Verizon, though I am a bit disappointed that they have recently jumped on the superfluous fees bandwagon ($30 to get my “free” upgrade phone). I have friends who really like T-Mobile.

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If Cricket is in your area that’s the one to go with. No contract. Approx $55 for unlimited everything with an iphone.

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