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Can you suggest some restaurants in Boston?

Asked by mrlaconic (3980points) July 14th, 2012

I am currently visiting Boston and would appreciate some restaurant suggestions. Tomorrow morning I would like to have Breakfast near the Aquarium before my whale watching tour. Tomorrow night I want to head into the North End and get some Italian for dinner… problem being that there seems to be endless miles of Italian Restaurants…. suggestions appreciated.

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No Boston Massachusetts USA


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I live in the North End. Top ratings go to Mamma Maria and Giacomo’s Restaurant. If you want to pay a bit less and like pizza, Pizzeria Regina is top rated for real think-crust and brick-oven pizza. Pick the one that’s got the menu you prefer.

For Breakfast, North Street Grille is good, and Mr Dooley’s Boston Tavern will overwhelm you with portions. Get the half breakfast and you’ll think the brought you the full order. Both places are close to the Boston Aquarium. If you want a killer breakfast and great coffee, it’s further away and tiny enough to feel claustrophobic, but Mike & Patty’s the place to go.

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When we visited Boston last year, we went to Legal Sea Foods Restaurant. Wonderful restaurant, we liked it so much that we went there again a few days later.

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Back in June I went with a group that did a tour of Boston by Segway (which I highly recommend), and after that walked a short distance to Davide which we also greatly enjoyed.

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The OP asked about Italian Food and Breakfast places. But if they want sea food in the North End, Neptune Oyster just down Salem street from my place is tops in Boston followed closely by B&G Oyster in the South End, East Coast Girll & Raw Bar in Cambridge and the Atlantic Fish Company in Back Bay.

@CWOTUS mentioned Davide, which is fine Italian dining as well as the ones I listed. It lags them slightly in reviews, but it’s top tier. Zagat rated them one point below Mamma Maria and Giacomos, which can happen if the cook or the reviewer has a slightly off day. And two thumbs way up to the Segway tours. Fun on wheels.

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Doctor Bishop’s Lab.

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Thanks for the suggestions. @ETpro I ended up going to Mamma Maria fr dinner tonight… wasn’t disappointed.

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@mrlaconic Good choice. Glad you enjoyed. Food is so subjective I hate to even try to tell others what they will like.

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