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Astronomy buffs: Would you like to see a lunar occultation of Jupiter?

Asked by Rarebear (24664points) July 14th, 2012

An occultation is where one object passes in front of another object in the sky. Since the moon is big, lunar occultations of stars are relatively common, but occultations of planets, even though they are on the ecliptic, are uncommon. Today there was a lunar occultation of Jupiter, seen from Asia. This video was a Google Plus hangout, and the astronomer was from an area just outside of Istanbul Turkey.

We had an impromptu virtual star party today. Ahmet Kale in Turkey was able to get a view of the lunar occultation of Jupiter. He lives just outside of Istanbul.

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wish I could make it to see it in person

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I swear at a quick glance, I thought that said “anatomy buffs” and thought, what the heck does anatomy have to do with Jupiter? Whoops…

That is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks a lot. I’ll watch this tomorrow when I’m not drunk.

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What do you need, @Rarebear, to connect your telescope to your computer? I don’t want to sound stupid, but I honestly don’t know. It is amazing to me that you can sit at your computer and see something like that broadcast from Turkey.

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Very cool

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@bkcunningham I have two different cameras. The camera that I used for my avatar is an astronomical webcam. It captures a video and streams the video live on Google Plus using a screen sharing software program. I also use my Canon DSLR. For that, I take individual 1–3 minute exposures (depending on how good my alignment is), and then screen share the resulting image. Tonight we will be doing a full virtual star party starting about 9:00 Pacific time. To watch, go to the Universe Today Youtube page, or circle +Fraser Cain on Google Plus.

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