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What resources (books, websites, magazines) should I immerse myself in if I desire to become an inventor?

Asked by jhodgkins (45points) July 15th, 2012

I am going to school for mechanical engineering this fall and for year’s I have had a desire to invent or create new things. What resources (books, websites, magazines, journals, people) would you recommend to help achieve this goal and what other skills or experiences are necessary in my pursuit?

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Are you familiar with Make Magazine?

I would also think looking at inventors you admire and reading about their process would be eye opening.

Other than that I think inventing is just finding a problem that you understand and coming up with a workable fix. Where you go from there kind of depends on what sort of problems naturally attract your attention.

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Instructables is a great place to get ideas and get feedback from other like-minded, creative types.

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The genius machine is a boring book, I thought, but it has the right idea, I must admit.

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I wouldn’t read as much attempt to take apart and put together as many machines as I could.

Pragyna's avatar has interesting inventors and contributors talk about their inventions, creative achievements, contributions to the society impacting people’s lives, bring about change. It could be a way to generate interest and learn new things, discover your hidden potential.

Attending workshops in different universities and becoming member of IETE or IEEE and participating in their workshops could be useful.

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