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How do I restart my Mac completely?

Asked by sixteenarmsbill (71points) July 15th, 2012

I’m stuck at the boot screen for boot camp and since I can’t use my wireless keyboard I can’t go forward. So is there a way to go back to my original OS or am I stuck there forever?

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Press and hold the power button or pull the plug obviously.

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@XOllO that doesnt work i tried

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@sixteenarmsbill If you pull the power plug the mac will completely shut down instantly. You will loose whatever you were working on but it should boot normally, unless bootcamp basically makes the mac dual boot, but last I checked its just a virtual machine.

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@XOllO ive done it multiple times but it’s always sends me back to the same screen

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@XOIIO :: Bootcamp isn’t a VM. It actually installs Windows on a separate partition.

My advice is to run out and get a cheap 10 dollar USB keyboard.

Are you using a Apple wireless keyboard or one from a third party?

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Are you getting stuck on the screen that asks if you want to boot into OS X or Windows.

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@johnpowell Ahh, I thought it was a VM, i guess its just an apple branded dual boot

go out and get a wired keyboard for cheap, use it then keep it or return it.

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@johnpowell I’m on a screen that says “No bootable device—insert boot disk and press any key”

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Hold down alt + option when you turn on the Mac.

The keys might be different depending on how you mapped them in OS X. But it is a combination of two of the three to the left of the spacebar. Most likely the two closest to the spacebar. Hold them down before you press the power button and keep them held down.

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