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Which developed(1st world) country has the most police corruption?

Asked by NewWorldSurvivor (31points) July 15th, 2012

Which developed(1st world) country has the most police corruption?

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Probably america, they are the biggest so their stats are more in a lot of things.

aside from that, its america.

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It’s hard to say with any accuracy. Police corruption happens in the shadows, and the very people normally charged with rooting it out, the police, have an enormous incentive to look the other way and say, “Nothing to see here, move along.” Look up the Blue Code of Silence.

But certain countries pop to the top of the list whenever the topic is discussed. These include the United States of America, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and Mexico. Feel free to exclude any of those you don’t feel are 1st world—another hard definition to nail down. I’d guess it’s safe to assume that where one fines that much smoke billowing up all the time, there just may be a fire.

Oh, and welcome to Fluther, @NewWorldSurvivor.

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Gonna guess Mexico just because of the illegal drug / weapons trade alone.

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I just heard about this report, which places the U.S. as ranking 24th in least corruption. How many first world nations are there?

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As far as I know Mexico and some Middle Eastern countries.

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@vernon42 Can mexico be considered a first world country?

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@XOIIO Mexico is rapidly growing a strong middle class while the USA is dismantling its own.

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@ETpro Maybe the yanks will be sneaking under the wire to Mexico to find work soon.

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@woodcutter Wouldn’t that be a kick?

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@ETpro A kick in the intestines. I don’t think Anglo’s can consume the water there.

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