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What would be the best programming language for artificial intelligence and environment simulation?

Asked by RocketSquid (3465points) July 15th, 2012

Really I can’t think of any further details. I’d like to build a world and fill it with creatures. If it works with 3D, that’d be great too. When it comes to programming, however, I don’t know where to begin. I’m thinking the first step is to learn a language.

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Flexsim might be worth a look. I think for anything as complex as a planetary ecosystem you will need a language capable of running continuous simulation. This is a hybrid language with continuous plus discrete event simulation capability.

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Python is a great language to get started with. It has a clean and elegant syntax, lots of widely available tutorials, is cross-platform, and has a gaming toolkit available. You can implement A.I. algorithms in pretty much any language. It’s probably going to take a while to reach the skill level where you can single-handedly code an entire 3d world complete with an A.I. ecosystem of creatures. You’ll probably need to spend time writing tic-tac-toe and very simple algorithms first.

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I hope this isn’t discouraging. Getting into programming is easier when you have something simple. My first programming experience was to see how much my baseball collection was worth. And I had to enter the card prices manually.

Start simple. If you go balls in you will never come close to what you want. You need the basics first.

I also suggest Python.

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Lisp is one of the most common A.I. languages, but I agree with @gorillapaws and @johnpowell: start with simple projects and an easier language.

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Good and bad answer, Assembly, can do anything, and it is tremendously fast, however it can be very difficult to learn and master, plus coding can be very lengthy and complex.

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@DrBill I know little about Assembly, but based on what I do know, this really wouldn’t be possible in Assembly without a Sisyphean amount of code and effort. Yes it’s technically possible, but it would be like trying to cut down a giant sequoia tree with a screwdriver. Recommending this to someone who has neither cut down a tree with a different tool, nor used a screwdriver in his life is more than a little absurd. What the OP wants to do is hard for someone who knows what they’re doing, has lots of experience, and is using the appropriate tools for the job to do on their own, let alone a novice.

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@gorillapaws That is why I said it was both a good and bad idea

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@DrBill lol, what part was good? That it’s technically possible (although not practically so)?

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@gorillapaws This actually works out pretty good, I’ve used a little bit of Python before with 3D Studio Max. I didn’t realize it was it’s own full blown language, I just thought it was for creating scripts for art programs. I’ll have to look into it.

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