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What sweet desert wind just blew in to the mansion?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36648points) July 16th, 2012

It’s ZEPHYRA. Congrats on the 10K. Let the party begin.

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Congrats on the 10 Grand @ZEPHYRA

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Congrats @zephyra to one of the most upbeat jellies on here. Party time! Come on in for a mimosa or two and find your way back to the pool.

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To a sweet spirit indeed, congratulations on reaching 10K.

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Congratulations, @ZEPHRA! I like you. I like your answers. Great job.

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Thank you thank you, I cannot thank you all enough!

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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Kongratulat10ns @ZEPHYRA !!

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I’m enjoying my mimosa in your honor, ZEPHYRA—congratulations!

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Zephyr in the sky at night and I wonder…

No wondering here when I say Congratulations!!

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10K is a really big milestone! CongoRats! burritos for all!

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So many achievements lately, congrats on yours @ZEPHYRA!

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It takes a lot of hot air to ascend the 10k peak of the fluther alps.
Led zeppelins ain’t gonna make it, congrats!
Sail on, sail on, Zephyra!

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Yippee. Another party. Congrats on getting into the mansion, Zephyra. Glad to have you.

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Congratulations! Nothing like a summer party to welcome @ZEPHYRA to the mansion! Tacos and tequila all around!

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Massive congratulations :)

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Congrats @ZEPHYRA! I hear they’ve ordered you and extra soft mattress specially :-)

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Congratulations! I brought all sorts of delectable goodies, and lots of pretty flowers to spruce up your new room.

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Thanks a million, I am truly blushing! Pizza for all!

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@ZEPHYRA Congratulations! Fantastic handle and lots of great, thoughtful answers. Well done.

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10Kongratulations @ZEPHYRA (and thanks for the pizza)

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Congrats, @ZEPHYRA! We’re glad you’re here. :)

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good job, @ZEPHYRA !

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@ZEPHYRA : Congratulations to you!

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Ooh, congratulations! May your questions come as upon the winds, may your answers blow our minds.

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@DaphneT Oh god that was beautiful. I was holding off on GA’s because I’m maxed out on most everyone, but that was amazing.

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Mazel Tov dearie. May your life get much, much easier.

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Congo rats western wind!

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Congratulations! :-)

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Congratulations @ZEPHYRA, welcome to the 10K Mansion!

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Nice job!
reeeaaaallll niiicccee

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My greatest thanks yet again, more rounds of anything anyone wants, help yourselves fellow flutherites!

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@ZEPHYRA Well blow me down. I’m so delighted you blew into town. Enjoy the well-deserved expanse of the Mansion. With all you bring to Fluther, it’s the least the Collective can do for you.

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Aha! Congrats on 10K. I know you will reach the 20K mountain very soon.
Best of Luck!

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Here’s a song for you, @ZEPHYRA. Congratulations!

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@bookish1 thank you, lovely song! How is that Parisian zephyr?

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@ZEPHYRA : Glad you like it :) And the Parisian zephyr is full of love and chocolatey smells. blows some your way

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Well, it’s pretty clear who’s responsible for the heat wave we’re having!
Congrats on the 10k! Eeveryone into the pool!

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Oh well done @ZEPHYRA!!! Congratulations on your 10K. You absolutely deserve it and we all love you lots.

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Thanks again and again, you guys are a part of my daily life!

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I’m late again. Congrats Zephyra!

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Congratulations, sorry I’m late to the party!

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Late, late late. So sorry :/
Congratulations @ZEPHYRA ! <3

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