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Where do you take someone who just turned 21 and is visiting NYC?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1500points) July 16th, 2012

My younger cousin just turned 21 and is coming to New York City to celebrate, he has been here before but has never experienced the night life.

I want to show him a good time around the city (Manhattan mostly), what bars and resturaunts should I take him to?

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There are so many. Take him to clubs in the Meatpacking District. Also, just for hanging around day time, take him to Greenwich Village and Soho. For cheap souvenirs, and knock off stuff, not far from the Village is Canal Street (in Chinatown) and the surrounding blocks.

Clubs change in NYC all the time, due to going out of business, so chances are if someone from Fluther had been to a club two or three years ago, it may not be here now.

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Dont spend too much money just get him drunk. I dont remember my 21st birthday… and that is the way it should be.

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I’m a fan if dive bars and dislike clubs, so all the ones in this list are a bit less polished. Some of my favorite bars are Fat Cat, the Olive Tree (above the Comedy Cellar [y’know, from Louie) & Kettle of Fish in the Village. Crif Dogs is a great hot dog place combined with an old speakeasy in the East Village. Ok, one clubby bar: the Continental, also in the East Village, has a special on 5 (smallish) shots for $10, which is just perfect if you have a large party. Can’t go in with baggy pants, though, and there have been allegations of racism against the owner for this rule, so you’ll want to evaluate if you’re comfortable spending money there or not. If you find yourself around Hell’s Kitchen, check out Rudy’s Bar & Grill – it’s a dive bar with free hot dogs and sometimes pizza for all drinkers. Similar idea if you hit up a bar called Spain on 13th and 6th – free tapas as long as you drink. Cafe Loup right next door is better for shots, so get your beer (Estrella, of course) and food at Spain first and then head over there for the hard stuff and some cat love from their fat ginger tom.

If you like kareoke I suggest Arlene’s Grocery in the East Village, which uses a live band.

Have fun!

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