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Has anyone ever ENJOYED working retail?

Asked by pattyb (786points) June 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I’m not talking about working st the dairy queen with your pals while in high school, I am talking about a 40hour” this is how I pay my bills” type of retail job.

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I’m in college, and as a part-time job I work in retail- (Old Navy) and this October will be my third year there! It has its ups and downs… And can be VERY stressful. I’ve had people call me names, I’ve been threatened, just all around horrible customers! But I love workng there because I have amazing coworkers and managers. I mean, I have bills to pay but all around its a job to have until I am done with school. It is very stressful, though. I now have big respect for people that work in retail and will never make a mess, and put clothes away myself.
What experiences have you had?..

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I worked as an assistant manager for a toy store in a mall for some time. It was stressful, like any job, but I enjoyed it for the most part. There were a lot of things about that job that I wouldn’t expect to love, but did. Our in-house music, for example. And, like TheHaight, I had really incredible co-workers. Plus, we were constantly working around toys and kids. Not too bad. The mall food packed on a few pounds, however.

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Once upon a time I did. But that’s a long story.

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I used to work in retail; music and fashion and always enjoyed it. It does depend on whether you like what you sell and how you feel about being face-to-face with people all day every day. At the time I did, now I admit I’d prefer some time “offstage”

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I worked in retail for 10 years. I did enjoy it for the most part. I started out part time and then worked my way up to a store manager.There were days I loved it and days when I didn’t love it so much. It is like that with any job you may have. I had some life changes, which is a long story but I ended up transitioning into the veterinary field as an office manager. A job that is still all about dealing with “customers”. I now own a pet sitting business and that is all about customer service as well. One of my pet peeves is that if you accept a job then you should do your job to the best of your abilities. After all you accepted the position. If you don’t like the job then you should move on an find something that you would enjoy more. There are pleanty of jobs out there and pleanty of things that you can do to make money.

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I was a salesgirl in a small old-fashioned (one-baker) bakery in Roxbury Crossing,
Mass., in the early 70’s. I wore a light-blue cotton uniform and a white apron. I liked
it a LOT. I liked the rowdy little kids that came in before school. I liked the incredibly old Irish widows who came in after the kids had left, who kept their tiny amounts of money folded up in hankies pinned inside, under the bodices of their dresses. I liked hoping that a tall, tall, tall, old, old, old, skinny, skinny, skinny pale man named Mr Scully would come in and spend fourteen cents for a small doughnut. This was in a very poor neighborhood. I liked the two teenaged girls who came in as I was leaving in the early afternoon (I started at six, folding pink boxes and slicing loaves of bread and bagging them before the customers came in.) I liked the housewives – mothers of large families who didn’t bake for themselves because they didn’t have time. They got custard pies. I liked the baker, Adam. He was old and burly and short and tough. He thought he’d made a big mistake ever leaving the Navy. Once from around the door – he worked in an area where I could hear him but
not see him, and vice versa – he said to me – and I’m a girl, mind you – “Son, you should
go into the service
and stay there. Don’t
get involvd with women.
They tie you down.”

I said “Adam?” and there was a long silence and then he said, “Listen, if you want to
take a pie home, feel free.”

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