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How do you grow avocado plants indoors?

Asked by Sunny2 (18817points) July 16th, 2012

I ‘planted’ 3 avocado seeds propped up with toothpicks and their bottoms in water. One never developed at all. One grew roots and I could see a potential stem in the cracked seed. The third grew roots, a 12” stem and 6 big healthy leaves. Now it seems to have stopped growing. Any suggestions?

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Just feed regularly with plant food, my mother found one growing in her compose from a discarded seed so she planted the little tree and all we did was loosely tie it to a stick that was taller than the plant and feed and water in a large pot. The tree is now about 3 yrs old and is about 4½ feet tall. Avacado trees grown from seed do take a very long time to get to an age to bear fruit. The best way is to get one that was a cutting from an older tree that way it will be able to bear fruit with in a short amount of time.

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@Sunny2 It’s time to prune so that the plant will branch out.

Ideally you will give it a healthy cut now (personally, I’d remove the leaves, too). Then wait for the branches you are creating to grow out to about 5”, then cut them. And keep that process going.

This will ensure you have more of a tree form, and not just be growing a stick.

You’ll need to fertilize every few months, and be certain to no over water.

My last avocado tree was about 4ft tall. It didn’t like being moved. It quickly died :(

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@SpatzieLover Mine is doing great, it spends spring thru early fall outdoors and just before the frost comes I bring the little guy back in to spend the winter inside the solarium where it gets plenty of sunlight. Its been moved several times and even withstood my big move which was from my apartment to my new home

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@creative1 & @SpatzieLover Am I supposed to plant it in potting soil now? And pinch off the middle tiny sprout so it will branch? I don’t have much sun and don’t expect it to bear fruit, but I do have a potential kitchen plant. It’s exciting to watch it grow.

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Yes. It should be in soil by now. Plant it. Pinch it (yep the middle). Watch it branch. :)
You either have a female or male & would need the opposite for it to fruit for you. And I agree, it’s super exciting.

The last tree I had clearly wanted to grow. It had split inside the avocado.

@creative1 Your plant sounds happy. Mine took a quick turn.

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I tried many times and had no success. Then I went to Florida and brought some freshly picked and brought them home. I tried with those seeds and they worked. I was told it will work if the fruit has never been refrigerated. However, they did grow very slowly and when they did sprout they were very leggy. I probably should have pruned them but I put them out on my patio and the wind blew all the leaves off and so they died. My fault.

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@Mitzi929 What a sad story! My condolences. Mine’s still alive, but it looks sad that I haven’t put it in soil yet.

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