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Could picking Condoleeza Rice for vice president be a game changer for Mitt Romney?

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) July 16th, 2012

I saw Jack Cafferty on CNN discussing how he believes picking Condoleeza Rice as his running mate could really shake things up in the presidential race and give Mitt Romney a good shot at winning in November. Do you think it would sway enough voters to tip the election? Will it win your vote?

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Really! He’s considering her? Still not getting my vote, I don’t think she can offer enough good points to out weigh his bad.

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She has said that she wouldn’t multiple times. And she is pro-choice. Not a chance in hell he would ask or she would accept.

He is just a hack making shit up for page views.

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No, the base won’t like her, she’s pro choice and she is tied to George Bush. Romney is already in trouble with the Tea Party because he hasn’t invited Palin to the convention.

He needs someone bland like Pawlenty.

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No. She said she wants no part of this comedy of errors and this was merely a ploy to buy time while the table is set on answering the Q’s about time at Bain.

He picks Jeb Bush. Cruiser said it first.

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That will not happen. Aside from the above reasons…it would be a very “Back to the Bush Future” move. Game changer? Hardly. The only real game changer would be if Mitt Romney asked Michelle Obama to be his running mate. And from what I hear, she is supporting someone else. :)

Jeb Bush…I don’t know if Bush would want to be in that sort of role He isn’t that sort of politician. You may, however, be right, Cruiser…if he wants to position himself in the public eye for the next Presidential run. It’s not a bad place to be, especially if the candidate you run with….loses. You are then absolved of the loss and then can simply slot yourself into a run for the No. 1 position in the next go-round…if you’ve been able to create some good spin. It is a smooth PR move if you can use it well. Jeb is a bit of a nonconformist compared to the other Bushmen. Should prove interesting.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus He would bring the more than the very important swing state of Florida to the table and get to flex his co-head of state muscles…I doubt he would say no to taking one for the team.

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Condoleeza will not run with Romney. Period.

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Nearly all Romney votes will be anti-Obama votes. I don’t think it matters who he picks, he gets the same crowd.

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@josie Not the case this time around. BO and MR are neck and neck with the Lib and Conservatives all committed to the team captain. It is the center uncommitted undecided that will tip the scales and decide this race. Barack and Biden are one in the same and make up the “known” factor as well as the Mitt quotient. What is missing is a very key VP player that could scoop up and woo a very significant and key vote and that is these still very undecided voters.

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Conventional wisdom goes he picks someone who gets him a swing state; that would be Jeb. Except conventional wisdom is wrong in every election I can remember. Condoleeza, even with all her fascist cred, is from California, not a swing state. Plus she’s black, allegedly not anti-choice, and a woman; that’s pretty much three reasons for the typical Republikan to think she’s more like a dog than a human being.

One interesting observation about 2012: first election where nobody from the sun belt is on the top of the ticket since at least 1956.

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Romney wouldn’t have Jeb on the ticket; it’s like having your more talented understudy around all the time. And the Bush family doesn’t like Mitt, GW’s endorsement was so tepid you couldn’t wash your hands in it.

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And she is black, and Mitt is a Mormon.

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Didn’t any of you guts see Jay Leno’s political add? Rice and Romney the new American treat
I about split a gut laughing. I wonder what Saturday Night Live would do with that? But seriously Romney need a serious VP in order to beat the Big O machine.

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At least she could do the job if ol Mitt bit the dust. Palin would choke.

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Would it change the game? Yes, a little. Would it help? Probably not. Right now, Romney has the RWNJ vote locked in. It isn’t that they love him. In fact, they don’t even like him. But the positively loathe President Obama. Their brains fry every time they hear his name. They are totally convinced that he is a Socialist, Communist, illegal-alien, Muslim who is out to confiscate all their guns and raise their taxes. And he’s also demonstrably black and Democrat [sic].

But Condi is pro choice and a bit uppity for “one of those people” as well. I mean, she’s educated, and ya know ya cain’t trus dem elites. So selecting her would only demotivate the charged-up, frothing RWNJ base of today’s GOP to stay home and sit this one out.

Good riddance, I say. Go Condi.

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Please God no.

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Condee already said she will not run in a multitude of ways so if he picked her it’d just prove his skills at wasting time. I think Rubio would be more of a game changer than Condee would but I have a hunch he’s saving himself for his own white house goals so he won’t accept an offer from Mitt anyway.

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Isn’t going to happen.

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It would take a lot more than Condi to bail his ass out of his current financial disclosure mess that he seems to have his heels dug in. This is not going to go away Condi or no Condi. Stick a fork in him.

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So some here don’t like Mitt.

I’m not even sure I do.

I do know that I will again, this coming election, be voting against a candidate…

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