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Is it just me? Is the series Breaking Bad a guilty pleasure?

Asked by maybe_KB (669points) July 16th, 2012

Christina gloated daily. “You gotta watch Breaking Bad”. She brought Box set 1–2. Tuco’s cousins, Walt, Jesse’s gf., the pilot… I’m glued! We’re approaching it’s final season. Sad…. so sad. All the while, they were cooking Meth. Is that wrong?

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It’s no more of a guilty pleasure than any similar series: Sopranos, Weeds, Dexter, all about crimes of various types. And they are no worse or no better than Mad Men or Sex and the City.

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NO it’s not just you! I am a snob it’s absolutely the best american tv I’ve ever seen!! it’s not you it’s not you…And no, it’s not wrong. If you watch the story, it’s not wrong . It is what it is.

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I’m hooked too! I watched the first 3 seasons on NetFix and the 4th just became available. I’ve never seen a show like that before.
I watched the pilot and was hooked. Everything means something.

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There is not a wasted minute in any of the episodes. Even when there are slower parts and you’re wondering what the point is later on it all fits together.

This is one of the most densely plotted shows ive ever encountered. It takes really smart writers to be so consistently good.

Its not my guilty pleasure, cuz I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about watching it. Its just a pleasure.

Yes, its about crime but it certainly doesn’t. glamourorize it. Look how many lives have been adversely changed.

I think it gives a pretty realistic portrayal of the real seediness of the drug trade.

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Holy crap, is everybody watching this show now? Glad I started a couple weeks ago. I’m only on episode 2.2, though. Gotta catch up to start watching the new episodes.

And yes, it is a guilty pleasure.

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I have 300 friends on FaceBook that watch this show! I’m going to be a late bloomer. When the final season is out, then I’m going to buy the box set.

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We just got the latest season box set. Before we could watch it, my husband insisted we buy a new TV. Crazy, right? We do love this show and no, I don’t feel guilty. I don’t think it promotes drug use or drug dealing – even though Walt and Gus make a lot of money, it’s not worth it.

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