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What are some different Japanese styles to draw other than Manga?

Asked by AshlynM (10677points) July 17th, 2012

I’ve recently discovered chibi and kawaii, but I’d like to know if anyone else has any other suggestions?

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There’s the landscapes and such that you see on wall decorations, though that’s painting more than drawing.

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Not sure what it is called, but you could try this

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@Nullo I was looking more for drawings. Not quite ready for painting yet.

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@ragingloli That’s Ukiyo-e. Woodblock prints.

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Japanese brush painting, it means picking up a real tool instead of a virtual one! Manga and the other cartoon styles have made a huge impact, but they all have their roots in the ancient practices of the calligraphic and drawing masters, who used brush and ink on paper.

It might be a very useful way to broaden your own practice and to learn more about the traditions of Japanese culture. All you need is some paper, ink and a paintbrush – the idea is to learn (as with Manga, Kibi etc) to capture a shape very simply. Leaves, flowers, a cat – or a baby sister/brother if you want to see how cartoon characters developed, try it, you might like it. It’s calle Sumi-e in Japanese.

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