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What's a modern way to say, "bad mouth?"?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) July 17th, 2012

I’m seeking expressions that mean to speak ill of someone. Things like “dish the dirt,” or “talk trash about,” or “bad mouth.” The more current, the better.

You have any?

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Talk smack

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“Bad-mouth” is acceptable and current and probably as good as it gets.

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Shit talk

as in “We were talking shit about Filthy Steve from Albany to Boston” and “Thank god he wasn’t paying attention when she started to shit talk his haircut”

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Diss works for me too.
Hi Seelix. Great to see you.

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“running their mouth” about someone generally means they were “talking shit” about someone.

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Lowering yourself to pondlife level also works.

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“Diss” is in the neighborhood. I’d like to find something that sounds right coming out of the mouth of a twenty something in a social situation.

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“something that sounds right coming out of the mouth of a twenty something in a social situation”

“Talk shit” works the best here, I think. “Diss” is a little too contrived, at least in my opinion.
“Did you hear that So-and-so’s been talking shit about Joe Blow since they broke up last week? What a bitch!”

P.S.: Hi, @Adirondackwannabe :)

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“Talksmack” (not smacktalk).

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I agree with talk shit. If you want to see excellent modern day examples, see if you can find any chat logs for a game of league of legends.

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Slag off. Is that just here in the uk?

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@harple I’ve never heard that term.

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Ooh, it so common over here! (Amongst younger generations anyhow)

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Talk ill of someone, or Talkin’ trash

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Bad mouthing someone would be “slagging them off”.

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My go-to phrase for this would be “running your mouth.” I am wracking my brain trying to think of one that hasn’t already been mentioned.

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I agree with “dis” and there are also “put down” and “cut down” and “burned” according to the Urban Dictionary. There are also “owned” as in “to be made a fool of” and “schooled” as in “I showed you.”

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“Bitching” is the term most used here I think.

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“BM” for short

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It’s usually “slag off” round here (north-west England).

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@downtide glad I’m not alone!

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And see? I would think “slag off” means “fuck off”!

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Rip the piss is right up there with slag off, although it can also mean to take the mickey/mock.

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Ripping the piss is more like lighthearted banter. I can rip the piss out of my friend for something and we’ll still be friends. But if I slag him off for the same thing we probably wouldn’t be.

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Are you ripping the piss?

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To Kardashian someone !!!

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