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Creepiness on ChatRoulette?

Asked by paperbackhead (333points) July 17th, 2012

Being a bored 23 year old female, I entered the strange and wacky world of ChatRoulette. My intentions to find a cure for my boredom was innocent; just to find a normal human to talk too, any meat in hand shots were nexted. Being that I was clothed, I’m assuming that I was reported for not showing my lady parts. Something weirded me out when I was directed to a page, indicating that “You are banned from ChatRoulette, for inappropriate broadcasting from this IP address” for community service brownie points you must use their Gender identification service to lift the ban.

In this process you must identify a person in a series of photos as male or female. I clicked through screen shots of all sorts, but the most disturbing were pictures of little children using the site. My question is that how are they able to make a screen shot of your chat session, and allow others to judge it?

I don’t have any desire to use that site again I just found this to be really creepy.

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Interesting. Thanks for the heads-up. I hope you’ll find Fluther more appealing. You’ll find a lot of people who like to talk here.

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I’m not familiar with ChatRoulette, and you make me glad that is so. Welcome to Fluther.

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That sounds exactly like Chatroulette to me. It’s creepy, and you’re not missing anything at all. I’d just stay away from it.

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Chatroulette is just an excuse for people to be creepy to strangers. I don’t use it.

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The internet, in general, is pretty creepy. Even on this site.

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I never heard of it, so I looked. This is one creepy site. I consider myself open minded and accepting of everyone kinks, but this site is too perverted for even me.

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@paperbackhead Yeah, Chatroulette basically exists to give flashers a chance to do their thing while still at home. Going out to elementary schools, having to put on that trench coat… it’s just so much work.

@Michael_Huntington I dunno; there’ve actually been no dudes on here who showed me their junk. So, that’s nice.

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It’s ChatRoulette. No surprise there. Glad you learned from the experience. Fluther seems way better anyway.

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I’m so glad I don’t know and hear about this crap

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Were you guys missing in earl 2010, when ALL the reporters/“reporters” in America discovered Chatroulette??

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I had no idea Chatroulette was even still around…

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I’ve never been to chatroulette but I really want to check it out for the comedic value, especially after this post, lol.

Anyways, those pictures may have been taken by the actual chatroulette staff, as in they were staged. I can’t obviously say that for fact, but that would be my assumption.

It may also be that they have rights to any image you put on their website, could be worth reading the fine print.

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Yes, creepiness on ChatRoulette.

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