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Why do actual British people hate Piers Morgan?

Asked by ragingloli (47012points) July 18th, 2012

It seems he is not very popular among them, as these examples illustrate:
QI clip
QI clip 2
Jeremy Clarkson

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Because he was formerly the editor of the Daily Mirror, tabloid rag newspaper.
Oh & he’s a cunt.

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One of the controversial headlines used on his watch during Euro 96.
That’s a hilarious….....shocking way to grab readers.

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We know what he’s like

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Because everyone actually should hate him. I equate his contribution to journalism and reporting to the bird shit I wash off my patio on the weekend.

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It’s not just British people. It’s pretty much anyone who can think critically.

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Anyone who worked for a notorious tabloid and was hand-picked by Rupert Murdoch is going to find it difficult to garner respect from anybody. When you’re a sellout with compromised ethics, where do you go from there ?

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He’s probably laughing all the way to the bank.

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Piers Morgan is an asshole.
Enough said.

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He’s sly
He loves himself too much
Hangon, just read Buttonstc, that kinda nails it.

Oh, I forgot, his bezzie mate is Simon Cowell…...
That mans ego is beyond measure! As is the height his pants come above his waistline….

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Humorless, whiny, finger wagging busybodies are repellent to the people of ANY nation.

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“What’s more, it’s vital that we have all sorts of different people in Parliament, so that all walks of society are represented: toffs, vagabonds, cheats, liars, vicars and pub brawlers. Because how can you represent the people when you aren’t representative?”

Jezza always delivers.

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