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alt text and title text absent in safari?

Asked by archer (761points) June 29th, 2007

recently installed safari for windows and i was amazed that alt and title text don't display on mouseover. is this also the case for mac users, or is this a glitch in the windows version?

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Well to be technical alt text is supposed to be text if the image doesn't load.

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a lot is lost without it. example >

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...even here.
if i mouseover your avatar, i read "perchik's avatar".
not so using safari for windows

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I haven't tried Safari for Windows yet, but like Perchik said, the alt text shouldn't show up when you hover over an image - it is specifically there as an "alternate" to the image.

Microsoft decided IE should use the alt attribute as the title text if no title attribute is used.

If there is no mouse-over text for images which have a title="something" attribute set then that *is* an issue.

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@archer: Try mousing over the "observing members" div... you should see title text as a popup.

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i understand the original intent on alt text, and so i included title text in my question.

my question was whether on mouseover--whatever name it's given, or whatever means created-- text displays normally for mac users using safari, or whether the lack of it in my windows version is a bug.

as you can see in the example site i gave above (and with this one > mouseover text is expected and integral to the site's creators, but is absent for me using safari on windows.

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edit: integral to the sites creator's intent

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In firefox I don't get mouseover text either.

I know when writing code, there's a "tooltip" option that basically defines an onMouseover javascript code to make sure that things have a tooltip.

@andrew: And as andrew has shown, the developers can add mouseover text when they want to.

to answer your question I would say "No. I do not think it is a bug. Your safari is functioning correctly"

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things just got odder. i get mouseover text in firefox and in every browser except safari. would be interesting if you have discovered a bug with your ff as result of my question about a suspected one with safari.

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Again. Its not a bug.

It works like it is supposed to. Just because some other browsers use alt text as mouseover, doesn't make it standard.

My safari on windows does not show mouseover text unless the developer has put in mouseovertext

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here's a nice little extension that fixes the truncated mouseover text in firefox and nav9 (which i am using now more that ff}.

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it works well in on my windows ,but what a pity the chinese text showed bad

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