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Parents- what do you do with all of your childrens' leftover school photos?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) July 18th, 2012

School pictures, family picture packages… there always seem to be at least a few extra pictures that don’t get handed out. I’ve got folders and folders of them. They’re piling up to a ridiculous point and I don’t want to just throw them away. I’m planning to box them up and put them in a safe place.

So what do you do with all of those photos/photo packages? Do you have a pile in a cabinet somewhere? A file box?

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Grandparents. And I keep some in my wallet.

When women I haven’t seen in a long time ask me about my kids I show them the pictures and say: “Yeah, my sperm did that.”

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I just boxed thm up and gave my daughters theirs to share with their children. I have to figure out where I stored my sons so I can send them to him.

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I have a large envelope that I keep the extras in. I plan to give them to my children and their children when they are adults to share with their families.

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I can think of about ten pictures of me as a child. My mom found one and put it next to the sink in her bathroom.

She isn’t a fan of picture frames.

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We toss them. I make certain they’ve been scanned into the computer if they aren’t already in there. Then tosseroo.

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Filing cabinet, second draw down.

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Drawer for now, when the get older and move out the get to take half, the rest go in my permanent collection.

I don’t over buy so I am not drowning in them.

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We’ve always ordered enough for ourselves & family members we deem worthy of any school pics. Never had any left-over, planning see.

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Make sure to keep at least one of each so you can embarrass the kids at their weddings.

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I would say store them somewhere safe. You can never replace pictures. In 2006 we had a major flood in the Northeast. My brother had 3 &½ feet of water in his finished basement. I went over to help. The worst moment was when I reached down into the water and pulled out my sister in laws wedding album. Keep the photos somewhere.

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Don’t store them in one place. Have some at your place and some at a family member’s, in case of a disaster like @Adirondackwannabe said. If there’s a fire and you lose all your photos, what a disaster would that be? If they’re in the computer, that’s great but that’s a copy of a copy, nothing like the original. I think they’re good to have for crafts projects, yearbook, gifts in future. I think it’s better to buy too many and have leftovers than not enough, and have to pay a large sum for reprints from the photographer’s, or have to be careful who you dole them out to. What’s a few extra in a drawer compared to that?

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I kept them in hat boxes and shoe boxes in a closet. When you have thousands of family pictures a couple dozen more do not make any difference.

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