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Do you use firefox on Mac OS X?

Asked by koesac (148points) June 1st, 2008

I used to be a big firefox fanatic when I ran windows, but after moving to Leopard I have stopped using it. Safari seems more stable and also faster.

What does everyone else here use? One of the two or something else?

This question was inspired by this one.

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safari all the way because firefox doesn’t seen to read color profiles very well. Skintones are notoriously green in firefox, a color skin shouldn’t normally be.

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Have you tried Firefox 3? I don’t use a Mac but Firefox 3 is supposed to be way faster, have better integration and better handling of colour profiles.

(Apart from a lot of other big improvements… Awesomebar anyone? :)

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I used Firefox 3 Beta and it was the crappest piece of memory stealing junk ever, I use the stable version 2 sometimes to work with Sharepoint because Safari doesn’t cope so well with Microsoft websites… I agree with robmizelldotcom, the colors aren’t great….

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Well, if memory stealing was the only problem then you might want to give it another try when the final version is released and that problem probably solved :)

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Safari is still faster than FF3.

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FireFox 2 is really bugged, crash when not using since several minutes, makes me force quit. Moreover as said previously, the lack of support of rgb profile is really boring, i make few screenshots with the same image displayed either on Safari adn Firefox and Photoshop. Both images on Safari and PS are same, but the one displayed on FF is really bleached.

FF2 is not really designed as other Mac app’s, but this will be better with 3.0.

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used firefox for quite a while, yet now a days i just use webkit, and why not? :)

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I used FF2 on my Mac, if only for the extension support. I’d go the Camino route, if they allowed me to install extensions.

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I’m a Safari guy, wife uses Firefox.

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both… I also use the shiira browser.

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Safari in many cases is more stable and much, much faster in loading and retrieving websites. The engine behind Firefox and for mac Camino has HUGE memory leaks which have been and continue to be getting fixed. Firefox 3 is addressing many of these issues. Once Firefox 3 is out officially try it out, but chances are you will like the keychain support and other functionality built in only for Mac OS X.

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I only use FireFox when I encounter a site that doesn’t work properly in Safari.

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I use both Safari and Firefox.

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Currently using WebKit. But I will be using Firefox 3 when it releases.

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Every month or two, I’ll give Camino and Safari another try, but I always come back to Firefox. I can’t function without my extensions. Also, the keyboard shortcuts just don’t feel right in Camino and Safari. (I’ve also given several other browsers a chance, but they didn’t fare well in my evaluation).

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Isn’t WebKit just a rendering engine—not an actual browser? So do you mean that you’re using Safari? Or have I been missing something?

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@aidje: Webkit is an Open-Source web-browser engine, but it also forms the framework for Mac OS X web stuff like Safari, Dashboard, Mail etc.

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Although FireFox 3.0 is much better than previous versions, I still keep returning to Safari. The long startup time for FF pisses me off everytime I launch it.

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That’s my point. In answer to “what browser are you using”, Magnus said “WebKit”, which isn’t even technically a browser—only an engine.

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i use it too, and in technical terms i use safari, but more as a steering wheel for the webkit engine… what do you wish to hear adje, what kind of answer are you looking for ?

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aidje, actually there is a webkit browser called Webkit. It’s essentially just Safari. It’s the development browser with the nightly builds of the webkit changes.

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Thanks, Maverick. That makes sense.

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only for web development
Normally i use Safari 4 with latest webkit build.

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i love firefox, the only time i use safari is on my iphone. if there ever will be a firefox app (which there may never be), i will be using that instead of safari. I have nothing against safari, but i just have always preferred firefox over anything else. I suppose it was just my eyes seeing firefox as holy after using internet explorer. We all know that no one should be using ie. for goodness sakes, no one even mentioned ie yet on this topic! :P

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Firefox is holy on a pc, but on a mac it’s not as smooth as safari. well, that’s how i feel it. (safari on pc sucks just as much as firefox on a mac)

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I use firefox, as it has much better extension support than safari.

Such as, for example, the delicious bookmark extension, which lets me sync my in-browser bookmarks with my delicious bookmarks. Which rocks, ‘cause it means I have one less system to deal with.

Also, safari has had weird issues with flash/youtube, but then again, so has firefox.

I think I just like supporting open-source awesomeness.

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