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How do I super-glue a Converse?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) July 18th, 2012

My Converse are like… falling apart, but I don’t know how to super-glue them. How to?

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Maybe try rubber cement instead.

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Duct tape.
There’s a ton of cool patterns to choose from in the back to school sections of big box stores.

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Super glue is very bad for something like this. It just doesn’t have the shear strength. It works great for glasses but is shit on shoes.

You want Shoo Goo.

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I came here to suggest Shoe Goo. Mr. Fiance has repaired tons of Chuck Taylors using it.

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@johnpowell is right , Shoo Goo is the answer. SuperGlue is too brittle.

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Another vote for shoo goo.

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